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L.A. Guns – The missing peace (2017)

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L.A. Guns - The Missing Peace (Japanese Edition) (2017)Hello you suckers. Here i come again, once more. Like always do. This time I did it with my lovely L.A. Guns. I really respect this band, so much better than – for speak about the immediately comparison – Guns `n` Roses.

L.A. Guns an excellent ban of glam rock, just like always do, but they don`t sound and, in my point of view never done it, only “glam”. They are a powerful band of rock and roll who had demonstrated, in this long thirty  years since they decided get away of Guns `n` Roses and reformed L.A. Guns; they are able to do such a lot of genres. This record is important too, because is the first since Tracii Guns get back to crew. Twenty two years had passed away.  So, expectative was high with this one. And the L.A. Guns exceeded greater.

If you are looking for the “original sound” of L.A. Guns, you won’t be disappointed with this one but, if you are a fan of powerful rock and roll sound that the band were doing in their la productions, you neither be disappointed: they sound really rockers, bró.


So, in the beginning of this year, I brought you a pearl of rock and roll. Enjoy, my cuate, L.A. Guns.


L.A. Guns – Cuts (1992)

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Hello you fucking looser, today i bring you a Little bit of glam rock. Do you know about this esthetic movement, man? No? I supposed that, so I’m going  to explain.

L.A. guns - 1992 - Cuts

Glam rock is a rock and roll movement born it in lately seventies, with groups like Hanoi Rocks, The Dictators, The New Yoks Dolls and the fucking and ugly pioneers of all this movement, at list, in the very beginning: Kiss (excuse me boy but I real don´t like this group). From this band – except from Hanoi Rocks; the glam movement took the way of dress. I mean very colorful clothes, a lot of makeup and a machismo. So, as you can see, glam rock is a strange mix.

At beginning glam music was softer than pioneers groups. But, in nineties, when grunge arrive and produced a change of paradigms groups had to invent their self or die. A lot of group dies. I raise my glass and drink to that.

But others, like this band to day I offer you, could survive in musical business. Some of them, with honestly and work, others selling their ass.  The L.A. Guns are in first one, of course. And, now, I’m going to tell you why I think that way: Because,   L.A. Guns have played a real hard rock, with heavy attitude and raw feeling. Because L.A. Guns have evolved, over the years, their sound. If you listen last stage (without Tracii Guns), you`ll find a very good band, with their own sound beyond musicians. And, in last step, I want to say that L.A. Guns have maintain is personality beyond Guns and Roses – of course that, their parental with famous band have give them access  to bussnies but, like I said, they have earned with work and heavy hard rock. Ah, another thing I love from this boys is that their music is very street.

So, until now, you should have learned that glam rock is a rock and roll movement that`s characterize for ridiculous clothes and heavy guitars. You should have to know, too, that L.A. Guns are one of the best and genuine band in this movement, a band that have recorded a real, real good disc that you have to listen, at list, once.

Here I let you the last from their golden age, with their classical formation. For me is great, not for all the bullshit I just told you, no brother. Is great for me because makes me remember when I meet her, the first time a saw her blue eyes.

So, here I let you this gem of rock and roll, a great and very short Ep with two cover and two original songs. Enjoy and get it: L.A. Guns – Cuts.

L.A. Guns – Collector`s Edition (2002)

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Hello my brothers today i bring you the very first recording of L.A. Guns. I don`t know if you like hard rock. I like it. More when I find stuff like this record. Let me tell you the history behind thois record and this band. This is the primitive formation of L.A Guns, completely different of today, of both band (because are two band, in L.A`s scene called L.A. Guns). This is the very first formation, the primitive one. With Tracii Guns in guitar, Rob Gardner in drums,  Michael Jagosz in voice and Ole Beich in bass. This happens about 1984. In 1985 the band access record. They did this Ep that I share with you today. The record never was publish until 2002, but in a few copies and without many publish. Because let`s say it: L.A. Guns is a punch  of losers from L.A. If you think that be a looser is to have the possibility to play around the world and sell a few disc over the earth. Because be a minor band in EEUU is live very well, I think. However not everyone lives happy and playing rock and roll this days. The original bass player, Ole Beich died long time ago, in 1991. He was born in Denmark, in 1955. He traveled to L.A with a main objective: be a rock and roll star. So he went out, in the street – in Sunset Street, principally – and look it bands to play. He meets Tracci Guns and began to play in L.A Guns. So they record this Ep, with four excellent tracks of power full hard rock . After this, they meet Axel Rose and Izzy Stradling. They form Gun`s and Roses. Played for a while but Ole Beich, disgusted with Axel`s ego left the band. After that Tracii  and Rob Gardner left the band too. Axel and  Izzy recruited Slash, Steven and

Michael, Ole, Rob and Tracii: primitive L.A. Guns

Duff. They became famous and where real rock and roll stars. Ole Beich couldn`t support that. Because he feels that he deserves the success too. Quickly he began to hide his pain in drugs and stopped playing bass. Ole Fallen down in rage, envy and hate. He died drowned, feeling that his life was a failed. A real pity, because he was a real good musician. And, maybe, if he was live enough and have see what a sad thing are today Gun`s and Roses and, more important, where watched how his place is appreciated by fans he where a happy guy. And meaybe he could record good rock and roll. But no, brothers, he left this life sad and lost. Fortunately this record stay with us for show us how primitive L.A Guns sound. So listen it, with your head open and at high volume:  L.A. Guns – Collector`s Edition.







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