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James Brown – I got you (1966)

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220px-I_Got_You_(I_Feel_Good)_(album)Hello my brothers today i bring you a classical of R&B and soul music. Yes, because I bring you “I got you” by James Brown. Don`t need any kind of presentation this one because everybody knows this guy and his music. So I’m going to use this space for speak about the reason that`s makes me publish this beautiful shit today.

Everything is my friend`s Facundo fault because he told me: ¡Hey Miguel put in your blog a little of James Brown, come on, don`t be such a break balls with your garage music! And, thinking about his words, he has a little of reason. So I decided to make him happy and put this shit right here right now. So here you have brother: James Brown for you. Enjoy it.

Ah! If you have a doubt: this record, from 1966, meant the international recognition of James Brown. In fact, I got you (the song) is a fucking classical from modern music.


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