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Raimundos – Cantigas de garagem (2014)

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Raimundos Cantigas de garagemHello brothers. Here i am, once more because I always do. Strangers paths have walking lately, brothers. Darkness becomes more and more real. I am afraid about my world. People, outside, is fucking mad, they see red death in front their eyes, they see it killing their world but they just don`t care. It`s creepy to see how break are people`s minds. Multinational rules the world, it so clear and so unhappy to understand it bro. But if you face it, you will – at list in that way was for me –  and you will embrace the art, because, the art is the only thing to keep me alive. And wirte this words, like Bukowski said, it`s keep me away from madness. So here I am once more, today I bring you a great, a beautiful brazilian band: Raimundos. This album has the property of benn recorded alive in a studio. The recording it`s on the red. So here I let you this, my brothers. Enjoy it because I don`t know when I will back. Raimundos.

VA – Mentes abiertas (1992)

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Mentes Abiertas - La Verdadera Invasion - FrontHello juniors! How are you been this month’s without Wirtis, ah? I hop waiting I arrive, brothers. Here, in brotherhood things are getting worse, neoliberalism is destroying everything populism did. And people, with their dreams make it shit, is down, so down brothers. So, juniors, this time is so similar at those days, the beginning of nineties I mind that I decided share this piece of trash with you, my brothers.

Maybe, if you are as old as I, you will remember this album: Mentes Abiertas or Open Minds, in the king`s language. If you don`t know this, let me give you and advice: download it, it`s a masterpiece. Yes, brothers, Mentes Abiertas was an underground compilation that show the ambient from Buenos Aire`s suburban.

Great stuff is here in this record. The most successful was 2 Minutos but here are a punch of great bands from Argentinean nineties, a classical one, for you, brothers. Only because today It is like yesterday. Thanks to your vote, sucker.   Here you have.

Las Diferencias – No termina más (2012)

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frontHello you fucking loosers, today i bring you this beautifull gem from my country Argentina, i mind Las Diferencias a great vintage rock and roll band. If you are in the mood of Invisible, Cream or La Banda del Paraiso, you will love this one.

Las Diferencias is a band from Buenos Aires, I know they are making a new album this days, this is their first one. It`s a great rock and roll vintage album.

Approached to seventy rock and roll revival friends and meet a great argentinean band.

In other order of thing I tell you, once more, that I won’t reupload albums: it`s very hard and nobody give me money for do this brothers, so, now is when. Here I let you this beautiful disc, enjoy! Las Diferencias.

Faith No More – The real thing (1989)

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Faith-No-More-The-Real-ThingGood nights my friends. Time along without stop by has passed. And I have been around, doing life stuff. Because, this is my world, my only world (I already told that) but outside off the wall, where the real things happens I have to answer about myself. I have to live and let me live.

However, it`s come a time when I feel very empty, like a bag of trash without cause.   There are such a hard time friends, because I feel sad, lonely and angry. This is the worst part. I hate everybody; I fight out there in the street for stupidities. If you see me you said what a moron is Wirtis. And you`ll say the truth.

So, there was a time when came to this places (I mind blogger and wordpress) represented free. Still I think is in that way, but out there also happen things. And almost good things happen. Because if I get out of my mind and take a look around I can see I have a lot of stuff here in this time I’m riding. So even when is hard – ¡oh so fucking hard to handled! – I keep trying on, fighting on.

Fuck, I just throw you up a vomit of morality! But it`s only thing I can said about it.

therealthingAnd the one of way to fight in on it`s like this: sharing music with the boys in the crew. So here I am, once more. With more than a classic this time: The real thing by Faith No More. A master piece of music history. Yes fucking losers, once more Wirtis is here. Speaking, yelling and sharing music:

Faith No More – The real thing.

The Cramps – Flamejob (1994)

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Good night brothers. Today i bring you something classic, something you have to know if you are a really rock and roll fan. Yes, you sucker, today I bring you The Cramps ¿Have you listen this band, boy?

ImagenOk, I’ll tell you a little about The Cramps. The history began in 1972, in Sacramento (California) when Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) meets Lux Interior (Erick Purkhiser). They were two kids fascinated by obscure 50 noise rock and roll and free mind theory’s. So they found their selves in University, in “Art and shamanism” business.

Early they were playing and sharing music. Poison Ivy began to play guitar and Lux Interior to sing. From the beginning they were different to any other band, because they sound dirty and raw, always imitating old band sounds. In fact, brother, you can even imagine garage revival or psycobilly without The Cramps. So important is their function in rock and roll history. Of course, in underground history, but that`s why The Cramps are here and never is going be here shit like Tan Biónica ¿Right?

Well, is not my intention to make a long declaration of knowledge here, no brother. My intention is explain   to you what is what I’m sharing and what is it part in music. This record, Flamejob is the first (and I’m not pretty sure but I thing is the only too) album made for a multinational company: Warner. Yes, so high they arrive but, like always, their sound was so nasty, so god dam dirty that company fired them. So they send Warner to hell and made their own studio. There, they recorded a few disc more.

In 2009 Lux Interior passes away at the age of 62. The rest is history. So here I let you this one, a very, very good album, full of raw and dirty music. Enjoy Flamejob by The Cramps. And enjoy Andre Willians too.


Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar

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TapaHello you losers. Today I bring you more music. This time I come with a little of blues but not in common way brothers, no. Today I bring you a real good band called Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar. I meet this band thanks to this page. Take a look around and find some great band from argentinian`s underground. Well, like I was talking I dow load Ciencia Blues because their name got my attention a thought “Why not?” And, at the same time, joining words with action, I do it. A thanks god I did it because I find an excellent band that makes a real raw blues, with attitude and balls. For me, this band, is in the same line that R.L. Burnside and his drunk blues.

But isn`t that everything that Ciencia Blues gives to us, no brothers: they remains, with their psychedelic and acid ambient, sixties and seventies band`s. Yes, there are very good band because they have personality but clear influences too. I think, when you can combine both and make something particular, something your; you are in good way.  The album I bring you has only six songs all of them really good, with heavy and powerfully riff and progressive lines. So my brothers I let you this band. And I let you too the facebook link, so you can go there and give a hug to the Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar crew. I see you soon you bastards because you know: this is my only place in the world, where I can be me and scream my fears without anybody said something. Well friends I have to go now, yes I have to leave you.

Bruce Dickinson – Balls to Picasso (1994)

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Hello you fucking loosers. Here i come with more rock and roll, with more shit under and forgotten. Maybe I going have write again my introduction, because in this time I bring you a extremely famous character: Bruce “pretty boy” Dickinson. I know: you are thinking ¡oh fucking Miguel is obviously you don`t like Dickinson! He is the best vocalist that ever have it the Iron Maiden lady; and I agree with you brother. If Maiden still have in front side Di`anno they were a different thing today. Dickinson is a touched by the grace of god. He is a great singer. And a very clever man that have taken opportunities in life. I admire people like that. But I don’t recognize myself in those. Anyway doesn`t matter. I`ll speak this topic another day.

Once, Bruce Dickinson falls apart from the rest of Maiden. He went to looking something different, a new sound. He went to L.A. and formed a band. More grunge and modern than Maiden`s sound. And he made it real good brothers. This album is a fucking flown. In good sense, bró.    I find riffs powerful, raw and rockers. Dickinson sings in the same mood, giving his hard in music. The bad thing, for me, is that Dickinson didn`t name the band like it was. So he publish this grunge disc like is own album. But this is only my opinion. Reality, sure, is so fucking away from me.

Let`s talk about album. Laughing in the hiding bush , 1000 points of light, Cyclops, fire and sacred cowboy are excellent songs. Tears of the dragon were the hit here. And deserve it: good song too. Well brothers, here I let this shity, download it, ear it and pay me. Brucy.


Orbis Tertius – Reset (2001)

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Hello my wirtianos brothers! Here I come again. Yes, once more time. Cause, for me, make this blogs without any reward, with no support it`s difficult, tell you brother. Life stinks, every day you will find motherfuckers bulling you for nothing. Out there, in the streets, when you are a worker (no a miracle worker, of course) you`ll have to support your boss, breaking your balls because he fell like shit (he don`t love, don`t fuck and don`t live) and want to spit his shit in you. Oh, what great fell of hate wake up in you ¿don`t you thing, boy? Life has another way to bulling us: giving you a heavy noisy wife, that yell every day and night. Yes, there are a thousand of ways to ruin your life.
For example, imagine that you have a great band, a rock and roll band. And you sound like hell, I mind, you play like god. And have a real talent with music. Make your own music, create your own image and record your own long play. And all the things you have made with the band are real good, real valuable. But (cause, you already have to know: always are one but) you and your mates were born in a small and antisocial village like Mendoza, my town; and nobody care about you, your band and your music. And, because if you have been given birth right here in Mendoza you must to learned; the only chance you have for be happy living of what you like to do for live, is trying again, and again, and again. Because is not going to be any door open for you.
So, today I bring you a band that suffered the ugly lucky to born here, in Mendoza city. Yes, because today I present you my paisanos: Orbis Tertius. A wonderful band that plays a heavy post grunge, alternative rock and roll and trip hop sound. Yes!! I`m love spread bands from my country. In a few days since now i`ll bring you Ultramandaco and Houdini and Los Amigos de Kirchner. Today are speaking about Orbis Tertius. One of the finest band that rise here in Mendoza. Maybe, if they were live in another state, they could be famous. But, what can I say, life is this: a bottle of shit where you have a position and, if you are down, things get difficulty.  Ok, here I let you this beautiful Ep, embrace it cause is a son of the desert. Take it: Orbis Tertius. I let you too one video from Orbis Tertiu`s lead singer that is the soundtrack from the motion picture Road July. An excellent pictures filmed, acted and wrote here, in fucking Mendoza. Yes sir!!!!! Once, Mendoza was the argentinan Hollywood. Maybe you don`t believe me, but you just have to search and information is there. Right, I have to go now. Maybe I’ll back with a magnificent various from Salta country. Here you have the music, the words and the videos. Bye.



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