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Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones – The sporting life (1994)

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Hello my brothers. I bring you a very special piece of art today, a good and artistic artifact: Diamanda Galas “La serpenta” and John Paul Jones the mythical bass player of Lead Zeppelin ¿Have you ever heard about him? Sure you have brother. So  I only going to speak about Diamanda Galas because she is lees know it.

She came from the vanguards most radicals. In fact she has recorded with John Zorn, Screaming Jay Hawkind, Mike Patton between others. This woman own  a singular voices that remains the spirituals from twenty century. She is deep, sad and dark voice. She has a very personal way of sing. Let me explain you brother: she sing in baritone with spirit and guts. That´s the way I feel this woman. A really don´t have heard it all her stuff, I’m honest guy but the things I heard are a real piece of art. But is this record the best for me, cause here, with John Paul Jones in their more raw and bereft side; play an excellent disc of Rock and roll, Rhythm and blues, funk and guts, a punch of guts in there and have this band. Diamanda Galas lead singer and piano, John Paul Jones in bass and don´t know who in drums are this incredible band that you ever can imagine that someday going to be true. A real true. But today, you have this piece of art showing that dreams can be tru…. Yes wirtianos brothers, yes life is good cause rock and roll exist. And art exist. A real example of what I’m talking about: an expression of open souls and free minds

Well friends I let you this beautiful disc for this weekend. I here you have: Diamanda Galas and John Paul JonesThe sporting life”. Enjoy it.




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