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Los Shapis – Los auténticos (1981)

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lp-los-autenticos-los-shapisHello my love it friends, how are you in this day? I hope, good. Today I bring you a really gem that the very nice boy Wilmer share in his own personal facebook for all the people, I mind Los Shapis, one of the greatest group in chichi peruana. So, in this day he is sharing Chacalón and Los Destellos, so, don`t miss this guy, he is a real great boy.

However, I decided share this one with you my friends, another day, another time, I will share others. Here you are going to find a great example of what “chicha peruana” is. Here you are going to find, to, beautiful rhythms and acid guitars. All of that it`s mixed with the voice of the lead singer, Chapulín.

A great one, brothers, so don`t miss this because I won’t re upload album, I don`t have time for that, sorry.  Sometimes, some dick suckers, appears telling me: ¡Reup this or that album, you fucking Miguel! And I ask them: ¡Go to hell, I already done that! It`s another turn.  And is like that brothers. Maybe if I get some many for do this I would re upload some records. But it`s not like that: I do this when I can and like I can. So instead to be a suckers be thankful for what you get.

Ok, I said it. Now I have to go. Today it is my birthday and I want spend time with my people. See you in a months, friends.  Here I let you this gem, enjoy it: Los Shapis.

Bareto (Feauturing Wilindor Cacique)- Cumbia

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Good morning my brothers. Here i come again. Once, like always does. Because i`m always coming back. This time I bring you something from my bareto - cumbiaculture, something “Latino”. I mind this excellent album from Bareto, Cumbia. It`s a great piece of hell that count with Wilindoro Cacique in main voice. Maybe you don`t know who is this guy, so I told you: Wilindoro Cacique was the front man of mythical Juaneco y Su Combo. One of base of Psychedelic Cumbia (AKA: Chicha Peruana).

This record I`m sharing with you is beautiful. And i`m sharing you because I have my strong put it in a hole of fighting and thinking in this fucking ugly world. And it`s not so terrible but it`s hard to feel disapproved by people out there. Sometime I ask to myself: “Fuck, Miguel, could you be in the wrong side of the road”. And put myself to thing, to research, to reactivate all my opinions. In order do this, I explore other point of view. This way to thing, in the way I see, has gave me the possibility to go for in my thoughts.

bareto1I see the people out there, my people out there. They don`t care but research, they don`t care about look from other`s eyes different of their own point of view. I thing is sad, so sad. No because they don`t agree with me, that’s shit. The sad part of this is they can`t move their thoughts.

The problem, the main problem – in my point of view – it`s we have our mind capture by European colonialism (even this fucking PC put “E” when I push “e”, this is how they are deciding our life) and we don`t valuated our own culture. It`s sad brothers, so sad. So that`s way I bring you this record today. A beautifully piece of cumbia Latina it`s what this is. Yea, fuckers. Here I let you: Bareto.



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