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Nikki Lane – Walk of shame (2011)

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Walk Of Shame '11Hello my friends, to night I’ll be very quick, because I have a family, a real family waiting for me in other side. But, I just want to talk to anybody and, like I don`t have any friend, I decided to stop by and speak with you.

Tonight I`ll shares you this great rock and roll album: Nikki Lane – Walk of shame. I didn`t know about this band – or girl, cause I still don`t know if they are a band or a single girl – but that thing doesn`t matter, right? The only thing that really matters is that this is a great disc. But, I tell you, it`s took me a long time to ear this one: Why? You ask. Because the esthetic art is awful man, I don`t remember since long time ago to, to have seen such ugly front. Here you have, if you don`t believe me.

Out of that, when I eared, I find a great songs, with a lot of sadness and depression, just like I love. So here you have to ear in this winter night.

In another order of thing, I tell you that, since yesterday, in officially a father because my son Eloy has born. Yes, you sucker; I have continuation in this ugly world. I don`t know if Eloy will, in a few year, glad with his mother and me for bring him here, to this valley of disillusion, but today we are the most happy people in the world and everything is cause of him. So I have to go – and I want it to – to be with him and his mother, because everything of my own belongs to him now, my friend, even this blog.

So here I let you this beautiful disc with this awful art. So give it a chance, you will not regret. Nikki Lane.

Los Yetis con Jeans (2011)

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Hello my friends today i bring you a great band from my place: Mendoza. Yes, because I thing you – if you aren`t from round here, of course – have to thing “Why in the hell Wirtis never introduce a garage punk band from his city, ah?” And I answer you; cause haven`t find, till now, a real garage punk band in Mendoza. Let me tell you something: Here in Mendoza we are a few garage punker and, for what I have saw and found, a punch of dirty old man. So we still have the spirit but our body, full of drugs and shit, doesn`t. Fucking true. But we have got something that other old man haven`t: fucking good taste for rock and roll. While they are listening Kenny G or shit like that we are shaking our heads, kicking our brain and keeping wild with some good marijuana and real garage punk. You know, that where aren`t quiet sounds and lyric voices. Real rock and roll it`s made with spirit, guts and raw fury. And this is what Los Yetis con Jeans does. Anyone who understand what garage punk is, are going to enjoy this band. They make surf and garage in the line of Los Muertos Vivientes. With speed and western`s guitars. Los Yetis con Jeans create an atmospheres heavy and powerfully with the classical band form of guitar, bass and drums. A real power trio is this band, believe me friends. They are underground and unknown but we have to change that, my friends, because this boys are a real good musicians, with spirit and talent. And they sound like hell!! Listen this record and believe that Mendoza is a place where rock and roll bands can grow up like, for example, Santiago de Chile or Irlanda del north is for me a dream came true. In another time I thought that I can make a garage`s band here in Mendoza. And I was close but my friends, the drummer and the guitarist can`t understand and appreciate punk music. They are much use to boring rock and roll that radios play every day at every time. So, garage music, seems to them so fucking dirty, loud and raw (and that where is the magic, bró!) that they can`t support it. A fucking disgrace because I don`t have not even a little of talent so I can`t create anything for myself and, just like a curse, I depend on other boys, especially of guitarist because he is the lead singer and the song writer. I have to admit that he have a great talent and a little of raw punk in his music, but he don`t want to hear anything new, nothing – of course – of garage punk. Well, doesn`t matter anything because now, here in Mendoza, we have Los Yetis con Jeans a real dirty, raw and punk garage band. Like have to be.

Another aspect that really like me from this band was the fact I found, in web, a punch of good, under and crazy live videos. The most great was one in Barloa! I know, I know you, my friend are from the other side of the world, you are from la europa or far, far away you won`t ever know what it`s mean Barloa for us, the niggers from Mendoza city. So let me explain you, bro, Barloa is suburban and underground fonda, something that you know like a tavern. But no anyone. Barloa has been in Mendoza for long time, since the nineties. And have won fame for their way to cook meet and food in embers. And, it this wasn`t enough Barloa is a place where people – workers, drunks, artist and families – go to eat the best lomitos around the town. Yes brothers. Mythical poetry and great mendocinian food is Barloa. The better example is this video I let you here:

And I let you this great version of Pretty woman in Los Yetis con Jean`s way. Enjoy mendocinian rock brother, embrace us cause we deserve it. Before I let you, let me tell you that I stole this great album from here. Take a look and meet mendocinian rock and roll. See you: Los Yetis con Jeans, fucker!!!

Here in Barloa:

And playing this excellent masterpiece of surfgaragepunk taht open the album:

Amigos de Kirchner – Ao vivo “Violento pero divertido” (2011)

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Hello my brother ¿What in hell are doing Wirtis here, so soon? Maybe you are asking in front of your computer. And I tell you: nothing. But I want to pass by and let this beautiful album that I was listening a few days ago. I upload this one because, far away from what I was supposed to find in this band; I discovered a very good band of rock and roll, punk, new wave and many other thing. Friend`s of Kirchnner are a very good band. And they are very under too. Not many people know about them here in Argentina and, I supposed, lees out there in another country. Doesn`t matter, anyway, cause they are a good musicians and, that quality, is the only thing that real matter when we speak about music.
Well, I don`t know many of Amigos de Kirchner, even about Kirchner. I can tell you that they are from main city, they coming, since a few years ago, making their music far away from mainstream. This band is proposing an intelligent and fresh mix of new wave, punk, post punk, techno and pop.
Well friends, I don`t have many words in this night. Internal affairs are over me, they want me death. Because i`m an ultradetective here, in the old Detroit. Well I let you this very good band: Amigos de Kirchner and this excellent alive album. Enjoy suckers. In a few days I`ll be back with Alejandro Medina, Bicicletas or another surprise, so be ready to rock. And wait Wirti`s news, cause they worth it.

Bicicletas – Cubiertas (2011)

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Hello my brothers. How do you sit on your table these days? I hope in a right way. I come again to bring you one great band that discovered when I download the last album from L.A. Guns ¿Do you know this old men? It`s a very good band from Los Angeles (obviously) who play hard rock. They do it in a classical way. They drop to fame because original former members of Gun`s and Roses used to play in the band. Well, in this boys publish last album they play one cover of Bicicleta. Yes! Cheers for them. So, when I heard that version I feel the need to investigate about them. I couldn’t find anything in web. So I ran to supermarket and buy the only album that market has. It’s not have the song that I was looking for, but have a punch of excellent cover so I decided to share with all of you, friends, because mine only wish is to show you good bands and Bicicleta is one of that, so here it is.
In this album you are going to find a punch of excellent versions of classical songs. Of course, if you are like me, you are going to love the version of the house of rising sun, in tecno pop version. But, if you are a mind open music listener you are going to enjoy a lot another version in the album. For example the great and punk version of two margaritas, from Os Paralamas or the very good interpretation of María from Café Tacuba. They made too Pájaro de fuego from Los Tres (¿Do you hear this excellent chilenian band, brother?) and the big Mr from Los Auténticos Decadentes but more punk and raw. They made too Don Pascual from El Kinto (Yes sir, this guys enjoy good music) and El esqueleto from Víctimas del Dr Carebro. And, the worst choice or maybe for show me that one song can be fantastic in some artists and awful in another, a version of Estadio Azteca from the pussy Andrés Calamaro.
Well my brothers here I let you this great band with this excellent disc. Enjoy and play it loud!! Here Bicicletas!!!

Ah!! And before i run to play Batman Arkhan City, i tell you: i find in web a great proyect. Is from people of Argentina, they have and independent publisher and they are looking for writters that want to show their work. So, if you are a writter maybe you`ll be interested. So here i let you their blog. Visit it:





Ultramandaco – Fin (2011)

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Good afternoon my friends. Here i come again. This time – exactly like the older post – I bring you a mendocinian (I don`t think that “mendocinian” concept exist for the fucking yankis, but I really don`t mind cause I only reason I write this blog in English is I want you understand me, sucker) band born a long time ago, when we were dreaming that we belonged to Europe. Fortunately that time pass by, and only was a sigh. Well i`m here to present you this magnificent band from my country, so, that`s I`ll do: Ultramandaco. A legendary band from Mendoza, desert republic, unimagined home.  That`s why is so important the fact that bands like this rise in Mendoza, between mountains and loneliness. Yes amigos. We have to spread the music, support new art, new blood. Is the only way that we`ll keep our faith alive.  That`s why, since a few post, I began to share local bands. Groups outsiders, only because here, in Argentina, the only way to climb at the top is having Buenos Aire`s bless. A real shit, I know. But artists, here in Mendoza, are a little bit rebels. It`s logical: we have been brought in the middle of the nowhere. We born lost in the mountains and grow up alone, without love.
That`s great because we create our self. Well, Ultramandaco have that characteristic give us our identity. They sound is quiet noise, with a real hard rock some time and, when the climate is lysergic and flying;  they become an acid trip.  Yes brothers. Believe me. Believe in Wirtis.
Here I let you this wonderful disc. If you like R`n`R you must to listen this one. Here you have Ultramandaco, and, of course, some videos. See you, if the SOPA law don`t wind in yanki`s congress because, if they win, you can say good bye to Internet knowledge. Bye friend. Fight against imperialism.


Here you have some videos:



Didi Wray y Los Tango Boys – Ep (2011)

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Hello my friends, today i come with something new, fresh but savage, raw and dirty too… yessss! Today I present you this wonderfull band and this excellent guitarist: Didi Wray Y Los Tango Boys! Wau, what a magnificent surprise is find stuff like this, and, better than that is when the band or musicians send you their art because they think you make a good work and they want to publish their material in your place.. and that`s what Didi made, she send me her wanderfull Ep and told me: Miguel.. you can do it, so, do it!! Yes, she is right, so I`m doing it.

Ok, first, i`m going to tell you about this beautiful girl called Didi Wray: she was born one dark night, long time ago. Nobody can tell, for sure, what is real or what is a myth in Didi`s Wray story. But, doesn`t matter that fact, cause, in the end, the only thing that is real is that we are walking to dead and time goes by so quickly, so fast, that, if you spend your life angry, worried or just, watching fucking Tv, one day you`re realize that dead is knocking at your door and you didn`t do anything valuable with your time.

Well I went to fucking shit, excuse me friends, but, I tell you something: generally give me a lot of laziness put me to make this reviews, but, when I began to write I can`t stop. And tell a lot of stupidities that no one wants to know. Well, let’s talk about Didi. I was telling you that she have a dark origins. The only facts that we know is that she is fruit of a torrid love. Just one night of love were enough to bring this great and dam child to earth. Yes friends, because, when you hear Didi playing the guitar you are going to understand me and you are going to say: Wau!!! WheDidi Wrayre in the hell was born this dam child, Miguel!?  I’m not going to lose my time speaking about a subject that you will forget in the first tones.  And, that fact is logical cause make a perfect combination between tango and surf, but, don’t misunderstand me, she don`t fall in the stupid common place that consist in interpret music in the same time, with the same spirit only changing (or worst: only putting) the distortion. No brothers, Didi Wray and The Tango Boys are transiting another path. Yes, you fucker. Cause they make a mix between surf and tango but they use the main melody (I mean: you (if you are from here, from Argentine, country of inequalities and injustices) you`ll recognized Caminito, for example) but the bass, the drum and the keyboard are playing at the speed own surf and Didi made her guitar speak tangos at the rage of the surf. Real great stuff this girl and her musicians, I tell you brothers, it`s an excellent band and an excellent musician Didi Wray y Los Tango Boys.

Well, I noting that I didn`t speak about Didi`s last name: Wray, but, I thought it was stupid explain something so clear like that: she play the guitar like the great dark god of fuzz and rage: Link Wray. So, she makes more than honor using that name. Believe in Wirti`s words.

Here you have, you fucking losers, this wanderfull stuff. Enjoy and, if you have the luck to live in the main city, go to see this great band and their great guitarist. Ok, here you have the record: Didi Wray y Los Tango Boys!!!!!

Sonido Gallo Negro – Cumbia Salvaje (2011)

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Hello my fucking friends, today i come with something great, in the old style like you prefer, yes, cause, today; I bring some chicha. YYYYYYYYESSSSSSS!!!! Brother ¡¡Cumbia sicodélica!! ¡¡psychedelic cumbia!! Why am I such excitement, maybe you are asking, and tell you why: because I found, few day ago this extraordinary band: Sonido Gallo Negro.
They are from Méjico, great country, cradle of big bands, in any genre. Sonido Gallo Negro, for example is a mix between cumbia psychedelic,boogalloo, cumbia amazónica and chichi. They have a real psychedelic sound achieved through an organ that clear, present and constant melodies mark like clockwork, hypnotic, sickly and neurotic. Ouh, what a magnificent trip is to listen this band, man, I tell you, and you are not going to feel disappointed with this stuff.
This days I’m been feeling very angry about my life. Let me pull out with you partners, cause, if I don`t spit what I have deep inside my hearth I’m going to die, cause I’m poising my self. The things is this, I don`t know if I have tell you before, but Wirtis is in a band, The Wincas, well, we are not exactly a band because we are, before everything “friends”. We know each other since long years ago. For example, I meet the drummer, El Flaquen since we where child (1985 more or less). The guitar hero, the lead singer, the “chief” from band, my great friend Porteño; was meet for me when we were playing with el Flaquen here in my house. Was long time ago. Well. We used to play together with two friends more: Jorge, the chocolate guy and Adrián mama`s boy Guzmán. The first one is a great guy who went to Spain for work. Six years ago. We still miss him, cause he used to play the guitar with such feeling, such a hard that make myself feel alive: They was extremely good musician but, (and I’m using this connector “but” because his big heart make quick his place in the band) he was too much good guy, so, one day, when Adrián mama`s boy appeared he, used to made everything accord to his vagaries, said “I’m the guitarist, the lead one, so Jorge, teach me” And my friend taught him. Mama`s boy is a little donkey for learn stuff, for make things and, of course, for think. So he learns some tricks in the guitar but nothing important. Anyway, the thing is that Mama`s boys began, with time, to steal Jorge`s solos, Jorge`s riffs and everything. For example, when we were playing, and lead part came, Adrián mama`s boys was ahead to Jorge and made the guitar`s solo. Ugly, empty and loveless, of course. But he wants to be the guitar hero from the band, so he envied Jorge. In time, Jorge began to feel tired of Adrian mama`s boy cheats, and, eventually he left the band. Jorge prioritized “Friendship” over music. Even when Jorge Love with all his hearth music. But, he left the band and, imagine what Adrian mama`s boy done.. Made a song about our friend Jorge talking of him, like he was a sucker. So we were with mama`s boys in lead guitar. He all the time started to bulling me – cause, I tell you the true: I’m a very bad bass player – because my way to play. He always was annoying with everything: you play awful, or he used to let out that nasty laugh and said me ¡¡no, no, that’s wrong, you are playing bad!! I use to feel awfull. Well, time pass by and, when Adrian mama`s boys was let it by his girlfriend made everything for destroy the band. And he made it. The motherfucker separated the band. That was in 2005. Time pass by and we arrive to 2011 (¡¡six years have been pass!!) and we decided return on with the band. You know, when R`n`R is in your veins, you can`t just ignore it. So we return, again.

This time, where four, Flaquen, Porteño, Adrian mama`s boy and me. But, in the first practice we Adrian mama`s boy came without his guitar, he only bring his guitar belt and laughing like a moron, he said “¡¡¡oh… i bring only this cause, for sure, this is going a be a fake!!!” But, things, where different, because we three where, already playing when he arrive and the only thing that we don`t have was, ironically, one guitar belt!!! Yes, you motherfucker Adrian, you bring a solution, at list. Of course, that wasn`t your intention, we know, sucker. Well, after that, Adrian mama`s boys began to leave the practice. We three are good boys, i tell you, and especially Flaquen and el Porteño, so they heard that Adrian mama`s boys was sad, depressant, so, el Porteño invited him to play. And he came thinking that we were running looking for him cause we couldn`t play alone. So he appeared saying things like “ey, Wirtis, practice with el Porteño this part… Came on” and bullshits like that. I say this because that “part” that Adrian mama`s boys want me practice was from an old song that we three were boring to play. So, Adrian mama`s boys tried to impose his shits, but, obviously, we three are so happy playing together that we didn`t give importance. So, Adrian mama`s boys runaway (like always) but, two weeks later appeared again saying “I want to play in the band cause I’m trying to let cocaine and I have a new song and i want to make it, cause if don`t I’ll going a be very angry!!!!” So, he came with his fucking song, a piece of shit, fucking stolen from every fucking commercial band that sound here, in Argentina. We couldn`t hide our boredom. He fled. Now a days, he appear again – cause we are going to record some songs – and, of course, we have to redo all songs because he need space for make “magic” with his guitar. Well friend, Adrian mama`s boys is a fucking pain in the ass, always capricious, selfish and useless. I can tell you how we have to provide instrument too, but I’m so tired of this guy, so boring of his stupidity that I can only spit all this because, if i don`t i`ll be going nut.
Well friends, this incredible band that is Sonido Gallo Negro deserves a better comment than mine, but ¿What can i do? I`m fucking angry and i need to speak. Well, i see you soon brothers.

Electrisixties – Simple (2011)

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Hello my brothers! Here I come again to bring you a very recently stuff, yes, cause i have new material from a great and big band from here Argentina. One of the finest band that keep alive beat and garage music. I talking about The Electrisixties, of course. They are going to publish a new record and, in order to keep our mind calms while we wait such a great event; they are sharing, in facebook, this beautiful single. Of course, when I see this material in their page I said to myself: Miguel, you have to spread the message. So, I`m doing that.

Ok, you must have listened Electrisixties first Lp, so you have know they have beat style. This simple, for me, is clear indication of their advances like a band. The a side open with a great beat R`n`R, strong; with a constant bass that hypnotized, the guitar is clean, but in the solo part  you are going to hear a raw fuzz screaming rage. Excellent!!!! And, in the b side a pearl, for you and me, people who love garage, psychedelic and LSD: the Chijua`s cover, Changing colours of life. WHOW! What a version Electrisixties made, man, impeccable! Well, is the entire new Electrisixties album sound like this, we are going to have a real fun!  I tell you.

Here you have a different song, that come in the new album. Enjoy!!

Well, my brother, I have to live now. Literature and music are waiting for me. So, I don`t want to let they alone. I`m a gentleman and I have learned, since I was a little child and my dad taught me: never let a lady waiting, less two.

So, I see you brothers. Enjoy this beautiful gem, directly from Argentina, showing to the world what kind of music love here.  So here you have: Electrisixties!!!! For you.

The Sonics – 8 (2011)

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Hello my brothers, here I come again, once more time. Today I offered to you one of the best, a legendary, a classical R`n`R band: The Sonics. Yes, yes, claps your hands, kiss your old ladies or do whatever you wanted to do. Everything is acceptable in this occasion. Because I don`t bring you some classical stuff of The Sonics, no brothers, you couldn`t be more wrong, no, I bring you a new album that the band recorded this year. Of course: it isn`t the first time that one blog share this album with people. No, friends. Like – I think you may do – you I downloaded this beautiful record from the great blog “We are the dead”. Thanks for share so many music amigos, we always will gone be grateful.   Ok, I recognize: you probably know every little detail of Sonics’ history, so, I don`t going to give you such a boring time talking about then. No. I think is better speaking about the reasons to make up my mind for peak up this album and put it here (Right fucking here).

And I tell you. I tire, bored people who think that they are the middle of the world. They suppose you have to be open to their wishes and their whims. People like that give me rage, furious and hate, the full my soul with hate. I know, isn`t good thing to feel hate, rage and bad feelings. But, what can I do, if I’m bound to spend some time with shit like I tell you before? And, the worst, it`s that the time I have to share with this selfish sucker is a time that used to be a good moment for me. But now, since this silly arrive, everything turn complicated, everything is fight and disagree. And that is a shit, friends, that’s make me feel sad and annoyed. So, what music can I share with my friends that represent that feeling I have? I asked myself. And the answer was obviously: The Sonics. Because, even when time has been past, faster than anyone wants, the band is still rocking. And what a way to rock!! Yes! Like in the old days when they were just a bunch of kids playing their guitars with the only help of his spirit.   Cause, they don`t have all the technology and things that, back in our days, make everything easier.

The Sonics

The Sonics back in this days

Anyway, The Sonics, are still on the road, and they are playing as hard, as raw and heavy like in the past. I think that’s an excellent example of artist and persons. And, now, while I’m writing this words – that keep me away from madness – I’m thinking that, maybe, just maybe; that sucker who are going to see in a few minutes, is a real sucker but, after all; he will finish alone, eaten by his selfish ego (I hope so) or, if he has balls, real balls; he will fight again his fears and become a better person. I`m a little infidel about this, but, well: I cannot do more; I have to share my time with he. I only want to make music, to have a good time with my friends, I don`t want any more:  why is such a difficult to get? I really don`t know. Maybe we have to kick that mother fucker out of our band, but my friends, the another musicians, don`t feel like me. Or they don`t said it. Well friends, I have to go now, I let you here this wonderful record and some excellent videos of The Sonics in this days. Take look a learn how to rock. Here you have: The Sonics.


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