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Demonios de Tasmania – Suicida (1994)

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suicidaHello you losers, since we have get back to nineties, her in Argentina; i`m spending my time listening some of all the great music those days give us. I have to tell you: that was the only good things that days gave us.

So here I bring you this gem from those days. It`s a very difficult album to find, however, it`s easy get it here in the internet, not in cassette. But that’s a fact you don`t care, the only thing you care about it`s that today you are going to find one of the most important band from the nineties: Demonios de Tasmania.

I ‘don’t want to speak to much. I`m not in the mood. Here you have. Enjoy it, sucker.

The Cruel Sea – Three legged dog (1994)

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Cruel-Sea-Three-Legged-Dog-1Hello my friends. Long time since i was here. But Wirtis is always coming back, never doubt I will back, one night, one morning – after been sniffing with my band mates – with more and more rock and roll.

Today I bring you an old fox of this blog: Tex Perkins. Maybe you remember him for his work in that great, dirty and fucking raw band of rock and roll that are The Beast of Bourbon. But today I bring you an alternative project of this guy – actually it wasn`t his project because The Cruel Sea was an instrumental band to had published two albums before Perkins join them – in another genre.

Before I explain what genre make The Cruel Sea, let me tell you one thing: I respect very much that artist that have attitude and reinvent his self when make a new project. Guy like Mike Patton, L.A. Spinetta or Juan Pablo Fernández has all my love. And, in the same line this guy I bring you today: Tex Perkins.

Well, with The Cruel Sea, Perkins plays a power pop that break every good looking band that pretend to make rock. Yea. Let me explain better: The Cruel Sea make a pop wit power, raw and attitude. Maybe is for the deep and dunked voice of Perkins, maybe is for the distortion that the band put in little but exactly quotes, I don`t know but they sound like heaven.

This record is the third one in band`s carrier. This one with “The honeymoon is over” are the perfect pair of this band. It`s very recommended. Hear this beautiful pearl before the link fall down. Here you have brothers: The Cruel Sea.

VA – Electrocumbia boliviana (1989-1995)

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FrontGood night my friends. Today i bring you a precious gem like only a great guy like Wilmer Skepsis could share with us: Electro cumbia Boliviana or Cumbia disco. This is hybrid between cumbia andina and new wave, techno, eurodance, high energy and synth pop. How they could do that, you ask. Because they introduced in their sound foreign instruments how give music a new color.

I don`t want to speak more than I really know, so I let you, mi friends, with Wilmer. He is the man behind this excellent comp. I really didn`t know about this group or this genre. So, like for you, this has been a real surprise for me. I only have wrote what I found in the web – that is less than nothing – so  this is what Wilmer put in their facebook:

Este compilado reúne a los grupos de “cumbia disco” del periodo 1989-95 (la época de oro) q experimentaron con el techno, eurodance, high energy, synth pop y otras sonoridades ochenteras, creando un original estilo cuya influencia puede rastrearse en el desarrollo ulterior de subgéneros como la cumbia sureña (para hablar del caso peruano) o la cumbia villera del norte argentino; el epicentro de esta movida fue Cochabamba con los emblemáticos grupos Los Ronisch y Maroyu seguidos por una oleada de grupos q surgieron siguiendo su estela, así Backtambién en Potosí, Sucre, Oruro, Santa Cruz y otras localidades del interior de Bolivia. Naturalmente, este movimiento tuvo su ocaso (hacia 1995) siendo hasta hoy casi olvidado o ninguneado por los cumbieros puristas y por los rockeros dogmatizados. Para mí es algo extraordinario lo q han hecho estos músicos bolivianos, una cosa de avanzada, de vanguardia, expresión auténtica del genio mestizo indoamericano. Aquí les dejo el link, disfrútenlo.

So, here you have the facts brothers. Another pearl for you, brothers. Enjoy. And be thankful with people like this guy who share whiteout ask nothing in change.

The Cramps – Flamejob (1994)

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Good night brothers. Today i bring you something classic, something you have to know if you are a really rock and roll fan. Yes, you sucker, today I bring you The Cramps ¿Have you listen this band, boy?

ImagenOk, I’ll tell you a little about The Cramps. The history began in 1972, in Sacramento (California) when Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) meets Lux Interior (Erick Purkhiser). They were two kids fascinated by obscure 50 noise rock and roll and free mind theory’s. So they found their selves in University, in “Art and shamanism” business.

Early they were playing and sharing music. Poison Ivy began to play guitar and Lux Interior to sing. From the beginning they were different to any other band, because they sound dirty and raw, always imitating old band sounds. In fact, brother, you can even imagine garage revival or psycobilly without The Cramps. So important is their function in rock and roll history. Of course, in underground history, but that`s why The Cramps are here and never is going be here shit like Tan Biónica ¿Right?

Well, is not my intention to make a long declaration of knowledge here, no brother. My intention is explain   to you what is what I’m sharing and what is it part in music. This record, Flamejob is the first (and I’m not pretty sure but I thing is the only too) album made for a multinational company: Warner. Yes, so high they arrive but, like always, their sound was so nasty, so god dam dirty that company fired them. So they send Warner to hell and made their own studio. There, they recorded a few disc more.

In 2009 Lux Interior passes away at the age of 62. The rest is history. So here I let you this one, a very, very good album, full of raw and dirty music. Enjoy Flamejob by The Cramps. And enjoy Andre Willians too.


Bruce Dickinson – Balls to Picasso (1994)

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Hello you fucking loosers. Here i come with more rock and roll, with more shit under and forgotten. Maybe I going have write again my introduction, because in this time I bring you a extremely famous character: Bruce “pretty boy” Dickinson. I know: you are thinking ¡oh fucking Miguel is obviously you don`t like Dickinson! He is the best vocalist that ever have it the Iron Maiden lady; and I agree with you brother. If Maiden still have in front side Di`anno they were a different thing today. Dickinson is a touched by the grace of god. He is a great singer. And a very clever man that have taken opportunities in life. I admire people like that. But I don’t recognize myself in those. Anyway doesn`t matter. I`ll speak this topic another day.

Once, Bruce Dickinson falls apart from the rest of Maiden. He went to looking something different, a new sound. He went to L.A. and formed a band. More grunge and modern than Maiden`s sound. And he made it real good brothers. This album is a fucking flown. In good sense, bró.    I find riffs powerful, raw and rockers. Dickinson sings in the same mood, giving his hard in music. The bad thing, for me, is that Dickinson didn`t name the band like it was. So he publish this grunge disc like is own album. But this is only my opinion. Reality, sure, is so fucking away from me.

Let`s talk about album. Laughing in the hiding bush , 1000 points of light, Cyclops, fire and sacred cowboy are excellent songs. Tears of the dragon were the hit here. And deserve it: good song too. Well brothers, here I let this shity, download it, ear it and pay me. Brucy.


Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones – The sporting life (1994)

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Hello my brothers. I bring you a very special piece of art today, a good and artistic artifact: Diamanda Galas “La serpenta” and John Paul Jones the mythical bass player of Lead Zeppelin ¿Have you ever heard about him? Sure you have brother. So  I only going to speak about Diamanda Galas because she is lees know it.

She came from the vanguards most radicals. In fact she has recorded with John Zorn, Screaming Jay Hawkind, Mike Patton between others. This woman own  a singular voices that remains the spirituals from twenty century. She is deep, sad and dark voice. She has a very personal way of sing. Let me explain you brother: she sing in baritone with spirit and guts. That´s the way I feel this woman. A really don´t have heard it all her stuff, I’m honest guy but the things I heard are a real piece of art. But is this record the best for me, cause here, with John Paul Jones in their more raw and bereft side; play an excellent disc of Rock and roll, Rhythm and blues, funk and guts, a punch of guts in there and have this band. Diamanda Galas lead singer and piano, John Paul Jones in bass and don´t know who in drums are this incredible band that you ever can imagine that someday going to be true. A real true. But today, you have this piece of art showing that dreams can be tru…. Yes wirtianos brothers, yes life is good cause rock and roll exist. And art exist. A real example of what I’m talking about: an expression of open souls and free minds

Well friends I let you this beautiful disc for this weekend. I here you have: Diamanda Galas and John Paul JonesThe sporting life”. Enjoy it.



Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes – Tarde (1994)

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Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes en vivo

Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes: si no los escuchaste, no vas a saber lo que es amar

Hola. estaba muy enojado y pretendía hacer uso de este disco para descargar la ira. Sin embargo, como ya me descargué mucho en Blogger vengo más tranquilo. Aunque eso sí: David Ballardo Salas, de revuelta editores, es un ladrón hijo de mil putas. No olvido. Si no voy a terminar como la mayoría de acá: que ya nos olvidamos lo que pasó, por qué pasó y, para mi temor; parece que estamos queriendo ir para ese camino de nuevo. Espero que no. Bien, hoy les traigo el primer disco de la, para mí; mejor banda contemporánea de R`n`R. Ya no porque se separaron. Sin embargo la propuesta de Los Reincidentes – ese era su nombre original pero, como deben saber; después aparecieron los conchetos, comerciales e imperialistas Reincidentes españoles y nuestros héroes debieron cambiar su nombre. Ahora bien, según mi criterio, esto ayudó a definir y caracterizar aun más la novedosa y absolutamente genial propuesta de esta banda.  Escuchar a los Reincidentes es hacer un viaje por lo más triste del alma, por los vericuetos más lúgubres, donde los monstruos no se esconden; donde las caras no mienten; es viajar bien lejos escucharlos. Sí, viajar a lo más sórdido pero y, ahí la magia; acompañado por la mirada inocente y deslumbrada de un niño. Esa es la mejor manera que encuentro de definir la música de esta Orquesta. Porque cada acorde, melodía y matiz me suenan conocidos pero nuevos a la vez. Es increible como reflejan y se hunden en lo cotidiano y emergen de allí con la poesía más sublime y delicada. De hecho, en este disco y a modo de bonus track, está incluida la versión que hiciero de Raros peinados nuevos, himno de Charly García. Y, bajo la mirada Reincidentes, el tema cobra una belleza inusual, entre desgarrada e inocente.Arrabalera, tangera pero universal.

Por otro lado, algo que siempre admiré de esta banda es su clara y radical postura anticomercial. Aclaremos, no es que estos muchachos no quieran vivir de su arte – además que se lo merecen ¡cómo se lo merecen Señor!- si no que quieren vivir exclusivamente del arte, es decir de crear, de experimentar de viajar con la mente. No de repetir la fórmula, no de vender la del drogón reventado e irredento que, siempre, es más moralista y reaccionario que los que dice atacar o “denunciar”. Los Reincidentes, rockeros de verdad, rebeldes y descastados – tanto que nunca encontraron un lugar masivo – que se merecen ¡cómo se lo merece Señor!- hacían su música, su arte con instrumentos cercanos y propios de las orquesta. De ahí trompetas, banjos e instrumentos que ni sé nombrar. Pero con la actitud y la violencia del rock. Incluso del Punk. Si no escuchar la increible “corazón”, un terrible punketazo tocado con acordeón, contrabajo y bata! Genial.

Bien, es importante aclarar que este es el primer disco de Los Reincidentes. Aquí todavía predomina una instrumentación más clásica de banda de rock, aun no terminaban de definir su propuesta. Pero desde este disco hasta el último son excelentes. De lo mejor que ha habido en años. Ok, si alguien anda por acá – que la verdad no sé, cada vez dudo más – espero me den impresiones sobre esta banda, tan significativa y sentida para mí como Los Blue`s Men. Les cuento un delirio que tuve cuando descubrí a Los Blue`s Men:  pensé, al escuchar Honey on the vine: ¡Qué parecido a La Pequeña Orquesta! ¡Qué bueno! ¡Y es del 60! ¿Y si se los mando a Los Reincidentes a ver si piensan como yo? Me creía con cierta confianza porque les había escrito un mail preguntando sobre sus discos y giras a mi Mendoza natal y Los Reincidentes, amablemente, me habían respondido. No obstante, después de cavilar me di cuenta que era una boludés, pobres Reincidentes, tener semejante fan. Entonces decidí abrir los blogs para que todos los escucharan y opinaran. Bueno hermanos ocultos, acá les dejo a la mejor banda argentina de los últimos tiempos: La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes!!!


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