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VA – Electrocumbia boliviana (1989-1995)

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FrontGood night my friends. Today i bring you a precious gem like only a great guy like Wilmer Skepsis could share with us: Electro cumbia Boliviana or Cumbia disco. This is hybrid between cumbia andina and new wave, techno, eurodance, high energy and synth pop. How they could do that, you ask. Because they introduced in their sound foreign instruments how give music a new color.

I don`t want to speak more than I really know, so I let you, mi friends, with Wilmer. He is the man behind this excellent comp. I really didn`t know about this group or this genre. So, like for you, this has been a real surprise for me. I only have wrote what I found in the web – that is less than nothing – so  this is what Wilmer put in their facebook:

Este compilado reúne a los grupos de “cumbia disco” del periodo 1989-95 (la época de oro) q experimentaron con el techno, eurodance, high energy, synth pop y otras sonoridades ochenteras, creando un original estilo cuya influencia puede rastrearse en el desarrollo ulterior de subgéneros como la cumbia sureña (para hablar del caso peruano) o la cumbia villera del norte argentino; el epicentro de esta movida fue Cochabamba con los emblemáticos grupos Los Ronisch y Maroyu seguidos por una oleada de grupos q surgieron siguiendo su estela, así Backtambién en Potosí, Sucre, Oruro, Santa Cruz y otras localidades del interior de Bolivia. Naturalmente, este movimiento tuvo su ocaso (hacia 1995) siendo hasta hoy casi olvidado o ninguneado por los cumbieros puristas y por los rockeros dogmatizados. Para mí es algo extraordinario lo q han hecho estos músicos bolivianos, una cosa de avanzada, de vanguardia, expresión auténtica del genio mestizo indoamericano. Aquí les dejo el link, disfrútenlo.

So, here you have the facts brothers. Another pearl for you, brothers. Enjoy. And be thankful with people like this guy who share whiteout ask nothing in change.

The Beast of Bourbon – Sour mash (1988)

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The Beasts of Bourbon was a band born in the early eighties. Appear in Australian suburbs, from the dark of night and rest of dope. The band become quickly in a main number in Australian underground music scene. Almost their always has been a marginal project for the members: All of them have other bands.

Beasts of Bourbon were formed, in this record, by Tex Perkins (lead vocals and one those has been in all formations), Spencer Jones (guitar and formed member of all formation of the band), Kim Salmon (guitar), Boris Sujdovic (bass) and James Baker.

The music is dark, sad and whisky tasted. Yes brothers this band made truly outside rock and roll. Like all music you can find here, cause you know friend: Wirtis only share marginal ones. Not commercial music that it`s full of shit and commons places. Of course, you can tell me that said a thing like that is wrong in itself because call art this or that is a subjective act. The way I see an art object it`s only mine. Other people can see different from me (I know you thing that something like that is impossible, but could be happens)  and think Wirtis is a poor loser boy. And maybe they are right. More if I say that I have been feeling like that since some time ago. Yes brothers, Wirtis is sad because he feel that is a failure, a fucking looser for say it like it is.

My life is going under since I fail some project that I want to specify. So, like always when I feel everything is a shit (especially me), I began to search in my music library some music that get me away from reality. And this time a found (recover saying better) The Beats of Bourbon. I was forget how good was this band. I have forget how raw, dirty and deep is Perkin`s poetry. And I was forget (¡oh forgive me Tex!) how good musicians were they.  Because every one of Beast of Bourbon`s disc is a master piece of rock and roll. They are a mix between Nick Cave and AC/DC. Yes brother. If you are looking for good and deep rock and roll this is your band: The Beast of Bourbon. This is their second album. From 1988: “Sour mash”



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