Hermética – Víctimas el vaciamiento (1994)

Today is a fucking day, i`m not in the mood for write a good text, for speak about all the great stuff that this album has. However is classical, and if you are from Argentina or you like heavy metal; you had been ear this. So I just introduce you: Hermética, Víctimas del vaciamiento.

ptimgI fucking angry because one sucker that I hired to upholster my armchair. That was three months ago.

I have to say that i`m an educated man. Always polite and sympathetic because I`m glad about mi life. But, sometimes, I forget that another people is not like me. I forget that, outside, in real word, there are a lot of mother fuckers ready to steal your good mood or laugh in your face. Something like that is this sucker upholsterer. He took my many, he took my armchair and took the material I buy for upholster. It have passed three month since that. And the worst is that every time I went to see him, he told me: “When do you want your armchairs, Miguel” Next week I answer with my best face of trust in people. “Right on, baby – because this sucker say “baby” to guys – next week you will have it”. And so on. That kind of bullshit he told me every week I went to look in for my armchairs. So he break my balls, man. ¡Son of a bitch! Why you give me so hard time if I was gentle and kind and, the most important: I give you the money you ask me. So I feel very angry friends, because once more I learn that in this life that I ride there are a lot of shit like this sucker, ready to kick you in the ass and steel what you have won with sacrifice.

32093_hermeticaSince two last week, and when I understand that this guy is a shit, I began to go to his workshop every day. Since that this sucker seem to understand and began to work. However, he began, again, to drop the finish of his work from week to week. So, every time I went to his work shop, he said: “For Wednesday, sure baby”. So, there I go again on Wednesday. When I arrive he said: “hello baby, isn’t finish, for Saturday, for sure, baby”. So he breaks my balls again. Because: have you a lot of money or are you, mother fucker, a kept? Because I can`t do in my work what you do in yours for the simple fact that people would not pay me. So, what a fuck, I thought, this sucker is a lazy who don`t need to work.

The problem, my friends, is that he had disarmed my armchairs, so I can`t just bring again to home. So I went to his workshop I speak with him (because, I don`t know if I tell you but this guy don`t answer the phone, don`t call me to tell me if he has done something, don`t open his workshop on Monday and the worst is that he is always in “casanova” way, I mind: every time y go he is good looking, in beau mood. I don`t mind specially this fact if it wasn`t because is a thieve) and told him I going to go to police (don`t want to kick his ass because that kind of stuff became against us when we do it).

Anyway, I’m steel waiting his call, I’m steel waiting he give me my armchairs. I don`t know what I going to do if he don`t meet`s his part. I just want to kill him but I know that isn`t the way. So, I only can wait. And for wait I decided to do it with this classical album from argentinean metal. I hope you enjoy it, brother. I hope you can do what I can`t do because this sucker. Here I let you: Hermética – víctimas del vaciamiento.


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