Vox Dei – Jeremías pies de plomo (1972)

voxdeijeremiaspiesdeploxn3Good morning my friends. Today i come back with another master piece. This time is with one classical in wirti`s collection. Yes, today I offer you “Jeremías, pies de plomo” something like “Jeremy, lead feats” from Vox Dei. I supposed you know about this boys, they are really one of classical in argentinean rock and roll. Especially with “La biblia” (The bible) the master piece of seventy rock.

Well, this one I brought today is the third album, right before The Bible. This album show the best time – at least for me – of this band, when they sound rawer but very melodiously too. The lyrical are excellent too… I thinking, maybe you boy, are reading this shit – because I know is a shit but is my way of be –  and saying: boy, Wirtis always exaggerating everything… ¿Could you, Miguel, be more calm, lees expressive and dicksucker? Because, you have to know, none of this band would ever said “thanks” to you, looser… And have to recognize it, I just a poor lonely boy.

But don`t care, don`t have to care. Never. Because this is the way – the only way – I can be.  Some time I spend a lot of time thinking about my life, thinking about the way I live my life. Am I happy? I asked myself. And, let me be honest brother, I don`t know what to say.  Only know I try it. But I think I could do better. Always think I could do it better. So I fell power less and smaller than everything, than everybody. And all do is cry. So lonely, so sad. And run to my women and say “hold me, honey, cause I’m in misery”   and my women hold me tight and together we cry.

So friend, and waste your time cause life is to fucking short.  And future come so quickly that your day soon will over. Enjoy. Don`t be like Wirtis. Here let you this great sound, open to future already and now. Vox Dei – Jeremy lead feats.



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