The Misfits – Project 1950 (2003)

Misfits_Project_1950_FrontThe Misfits is a rock and roll legendary band. Everybody knows them. The most important records in their career were in Glen Danzig`s time. When he goes away the things weren’t the same.   However the band continues playing and punking. They sound good, they are real musicians, you know like those who practice all day and speak singing. But something is missing, something sound different. I suppose, maybe is Danzig missed, but I not so sure.

This record I bring today is in a “cover way” but the clever aspect is that are fifties’ cover. I like the topic, I have to said it but I find too much punk mood whiteout soul. Maybe is to roof my adjective, I know – and who you thing you are, Wirtis? Only a poor mama`s boy speaking from behind a desk, hiding your face, faking your identity –   but is the only  I know in English. Well, like I was saying this record didn`t like me at all.

Dreamlover was only song I enjoy. But not too much for convert “Project fifty” in one of my top list. Because I have a top list, have I ever told you, brothers? No? Well, know it.



2 comentarios to “The Misfits – Project 1950 (2003)”

  1. Me encantó el disco, Wirtis! Muchas gracias!


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