VA – Tributo Argentino a Black Sabbath: Sabbath Crosses – (2004)

FrontalHello you fuckers, today i bring you something new in this blog. Yes brothers, because I don`t knows if you have notice that never, and when I said never I mind never; I was put it before a compilation like I`m doing today. But everything has his beginning in life. Today is compilation time. Yes you fuckers, here I bring you a very good album. There are thousands Black Sabbath`s tributes, you know. One of the best, if isn`t the best is Nativity in Black, the first volume. Because is truly. Before that appears a lot of tribute in deferent levels. Well this tribute has, in my opinion, a real good level; not like Nativity in Black sure. This last was recorded with better resources. Than Sabbath Crosses was recorded here with lees resources. And, besides Nativity in black is the most genuine, for me. I’ll explain my point of view and for that i`m going to speak about disc. It`s begin with a powerful version of War Pigs made it by Nativo.  In second place arrive Heaven and Hell, a real good version played by Barilari (lead singer of Rata Blanca) one of prefers for me because is singed in Spanish. I like the generally sound in this version. The bad, maybe for me, is that don`t really enjoy Barilari voice. It`s too much heavy, in classical mood I mind; for me. And I don`t like it, in generally, that kind of voice. Of course, don`t miss understanding me: Barilari is one of the best voice in Argentinean heavy.  Well I went very far with my subject. Listen this one is great. In third place come a excellent song and great version for me: TV crimes by Plan 4. This band, if you don`t know is a great trash metal band, in line of Pantera. Ok, let be honest: their directly influence is Pantera. But, accord my mind; is good have such a clear influence and sound such genuine. Plan 4 get it. Ye suckers, if you want rage this is one of highest. Continuously came Anno Mundi an original track from Tomy Martin time, here played by Mágika is excellent. In fact was, beside No stranger to love by Glen Hughes and Rata Blanca; the singles for publish. After that it came, precisely, No stranger to love. Perfect, like has to be.  In continuous it came Zero the Zero one of finest black Sabbath`s songs for me. Powerful like has to be.  Rock and roll and rage continues with Horcas and Andrés “the always searching place” Giménez making Children of the grave. The end is closing and arrive O`connor with their version of Supernaut. This time live. Just like Faith No More they recorded twice Supernaut versions. One for their own record and other is here.   Beto Vazquez Infinity is the next. Good version, more psychedelic and dope ¡fuck I love that! And, at list, the last song (¡Clap your hands!): Paranoid by Los Natas ¡Highest! It`s the only way I can describe. So brothers apart then things I told you, this is one of the only tribute that reviewing all Black Sabbath`s times. Ye sucker, tell it: it`s a gem of rock and roll. Dig it: VA – Sabbath Crosses.


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