Los Dukes – Segundos afuera (Ep)

segundos afuera2Hello you fucking losers, today I bring you a great band that I have keeping, in a very selfish way in my computer without share with you, I’m speaking about Los Dukes (the same thing I have done with Electrisixties, but don`t be afraid, Wirtis will fix his mistake and share with you brother: trust me). So with my hard in my hand I come to you, brothers, asking your forgive and trying to fix my mistake. That`s why today I give you this wonderful disc, full of punk garage in a savage way. Like I know you like it.

This is a very raw and savage album that`s gonna trip you to sixties time, when music blow head and people take LSD for make it. But don`t misunderstand me, this is not a psychedelic album, no way man, this is savage punk in is better form. And is in that way that I show you this record. Thinking that you maybe are needed heavy punk for your day.  Do as I say: down load this record and meet one of the band from the Argentinean under scene.  Here you have brother: Los Dukes. Any coincidence with Los Dukes from the sixties isn`t casual. Yes brother, dig it: Los Dukes!!!!




2 comentarios to “Los Dukes – Segundos afuera (Ep)”

  1. los dukes Says:

    hi, i’m ale, guitarist from los dukes. thanks a lot for posting this. here’s a link for listening all of our recordings at the moment: https://soundcloud.com/losdukes


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