Actitud María Marta – Acorralar a la bestia (1996)

Actitud%20Maria%20Marta2Hello you fuck losers! How is your day this lovely morning ¿Ah? I hope good. This time I bring you a relative famous band: Actitud María Marta. The present post is an answer to my very close friend the Cucaracho. He told me, a few months ago, “Hey Miguel, Why don`t you post Actitud María Marta? I would love to hear them again” So, after to make him wait a long time I up load what he told me and here it is, for all of us.

Well, let`s talk about the band Actitud María Marta. They began in nineties. I hear the band for very first time when I bought “Fuga” by Los Peligrosos Gorriones. What a fuck to do with this band? Maybe are you asking. A few thing. For example they where in the argentinian rock and roll scene at the same time, they belong to “Nuevo rock argentino” and, the most important: when I bought Peligrosos Gorrione`s album I found that the tape isn`t whayçt I want it. But, intead that the cassette bring it a lot of excellent bands that didn`t know. Later I found out that the pape was bad recorded and instead Peligrosos Gorriones bring it the legendary and excellent Alta tension. A real good compilations that show, for very first time, bands like Los Tintoreros, Las Plantas de Shiva, Las Manos de Filippi and Actitud María Marta between others. So, you see, makes me a real good thing to find this record. Maybe, if I wasn`t heard this tape never could appreciate rock and roll, no? I don`t know. And I don`t care.

The thing is that in that time I was growing up and I was looking my personality. So find this music help me to decide what way walk. And, of course my parents and friends too. Cause, all of they give me literature and rock and roll: thanks for that.

Well, let`s back to Actitud María Marta. Like I was saying this is a hip hop and latin rock and roll band, commanded by two (now a day I think they are three) talents and beautiful girls (I love musician girls man, is my weakness). Until now they have publish it three records. This one is the first.  Here you are going to find a punk attitude with irreverent lyric. So here you have friends. All for you this great album: Actitud María Marta.


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