Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar

TapaHello you losers. Today I bring you more music. This time I come with a little of blues but not in common way brothers, no. Today I bring you a real good band called Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar. I meet this band thanks to this page. Take a look around and find some great band from argentinian`s underground. Well, like I was talking I dow load Ciencia Blues because their name got my attention a thought “Why not?” And, at the same time, joining words with action, I do it. A thanks god I did it because I find an excellent band that makes a real raw blues, with attitude and balls. For me, this band, is in the same line that R.L. Burnside and his drunk blues.

But isn`t that everything that Ciencia Blues gives to us, no brothers: they remains, with their psychedelic and acid ambient, sixties and seventies band`s. Yes, there are very good band because they have personality but clear influences too. I think, when you can combine both and make something particular, something your; you are in good way.  The album I bring you has only six songs all of them really good, with heavy and powerfully riff and progressive lines. So my brothers I let you this band. And I let you too the facebook link, so you can go there and give a hug to the Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar crew. I see you soon you bastards because you know: this is my only place in the world, where I can be me and scream my fears without anybody said something. Well friends I have to go now, yes I have to leave you.

3 comentarios to “Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar”

  1. hola bro! en esta semana te cargamos las canciones para que las cuelgues en tu pagina. abrazo grande

  2. Hola amigos quería avisarle que ya estamos terminando de editar un disco que contiene 12 tracks para escuchar. quisiera saber como pasarte el material. abrazo!!!


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