Buenos Muchachos – Dendritas contra el Bicho Feo (2001)

Good morning wirtianos brothers. Here i come again. This time for show you a band from Uruguay, my neighbors. I found this band looking for “rock platense”. You know something about that? I`ll explains you: “Platense rock” is a musical movement borne here in this side of the road with La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes and is particular way of make music. Around they began to appear a lot of band that make rock and roll mix with heterogeneous influences like balkan music, tango and a lot of stuff that is impossible for me recognize. The thing is that today I bring you one of this band: Buenos Muchachos. They sound is very particular because the tone of the voice: is loud and heavy. When you listen for first time maybe you`ll thing: Ouh this guy can`t sing anything. And maybe is real. But, if you can recognize good stuff, excellent riffs and power full line basses you`ll begin to listen this boys and, suddenly you`ll say: Hey vice is great for this band cause give it a dark sense and strongly deep that make Buenos Muchachos a heavy band with the rock and roll and rage that every good band needs. And, when that happens, you`ll love this guys. I tell you friend.

The band began in lately nineties in uruguayan underground. After a few years they jump the puddle and whent to Buenos Aires. There they meet Ángela Tullida and make some record together in a raw mood. Since they borne they have recognize that they have influence from Pixies, Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes y Pistola y Los Mugrientos. I thing is significant that you can`t recognize immediately that influence because Buenos Muchachos have make their own sound. I can describe their music like a grunge spirit (the rage, the actitude remains that) mix with latinoamerican things like infinite sadness and pain. So, brothers, like you see I bring you another excellent band for this middle week. Yes friends, I thing in this way you`ll be able to spend this days until weekend with more difficulty (¿?) Ok, I have to leave you now. I`ll go to crash my head with drugs and cry my grey reality without talent. Yes is like that. Here you have this great band. Ah! I was forgetting to tell you: the frontman, Pedro Dalton is a writer and painter: excellent and talented guy: how I envy. For you: Buenos Muchachos (¡¡¡Good Fellows!!!)

4 comentarios to “Buenos Muchachos – Dendritas contra el Bicho Feo (2001)”

  1. Jack Morbus Says:

    “… no hay adiós si no estás
    no hay abrazo ni final
    la pantalla sin the end
    no puede ser
    no está el beso del chau
    es la escena sin actuar
    muere el brillo en el cristal
    Hollywood cruel
    gira, gira, girar
    la ruleta del amar
    ser la bala en el tambor
    igual que vos…”



  2. Mr Mojo Raison! Says:

    “dale que podés, traspasar metal!!!..” vamos los BUENOS CARAJOOO!!


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