Lobo Eléctrico – ¿Has visto ya al Lobo Eléctrico? (2004)

Hello fucking losers, how are you been this ugly days? I hope well. And, if not, here is Wirtis for give you a real good time of rock and roll. The sex and drugs are only for me; if you want get it by yourself, right? Well today I bring you a very good band of rock and roll. In the same line that I know you love. Yes friend, Wirtis is always a considerer boy with his mates.

Well. Let`s go to real important thing: the music and the band. Lobo Eléctrico was created by former members from several spanish bands. I don’t remember which one. And I don’t care. If you want to know take a look in the web, search like I do and make your own idea. Because, I tell you: I hate when people come and say “Wirtis, do you have this or that record, up load for me, because give me paja search it in web” ¡Come bró! Don`t break my balls. If you want something do a little investigation. Sure you are going to find it. Ok, y go very far from my original subject. I don`t want to do that. Excuse me.

Like I was telling, Lobo Eléctrico, was active since beginning the century. They make a real raw and glam rock and roll, with strong and balls. Riffs are very heavy and stinky at the same time. I like it, very much, that they use bass in a few songs, give it a place alone in music.

Voice is another great thing in Lobo Eléctrico because sound like Bon Scott mixed wit Phil Lewis in a good mood. So friend, like you see, here I let you another piece of raw rock and roll, just because I like you people and I want to make you happy. So, tonight, when you will fucking, drinking or sniffing at the rhythm of Lobo Eléctrico remember me. Remember Wirtis and make a plegary for my soul. Because is doomed forever and lonely like always. Ok, here you have another band for your collection, embrace it, enjoy it and share it with others. Re up load to web, don`t be such a pussy boy. Take it: Lobo Eléctrico (and remember little child: recovered your blog cause Wirtis want to know it and bardearlo a lot)




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