Bruce Dickinson – Balls to Picasso (1994)

Hello you fucking loosers. Here i come with more rock and roll, with more shit under and forgotten. Maybe I going have write again my introduction, because in this time I bring you a extremely famous character: Bruce “pretty boy” Dickinson. I know: you are thinking ¡oh fucking Miguel is obviously you don`t like Dickinson! He is the best vocalist that ever have it the Iron Maiden lady; and I agree with you brother. If Maiden still have in front side Di`anno they were a different thing today. Dickinson is a touched by the grace of god. He is a great singer. And a very clever man that have taken opportunities in life. I admire people like that. But I don’t recognize myself in those. Anyway doesn`t matter. I`ll speak this topic another day.

Once, Bruce Dickinson falls apart from the rest of Maiden. He went to looking something different, a new sound. He went to L.A. and formed a band. More grunge and modern than Maiden`s sound. And he made it real good brothers. This album is a fucking flown. In good sense, bró.    I find riffs powerful, raw and rockers. Dickinson sings in the same mood, giving his hard in music. The bad thing, for me, is that Dickinson didn`t name the band like it was. So he publish this grunge disc like is own album. But this is only my opinion. Reality, sure, is so fucking away from me.

Let`s talk about album. Laughing in the hiding bush , 1000 points of light, Cyclops, fire and sacred cowboy are excellent songs. Tears of the dragon were the hit here. And deserve it: good song too. Well brothers, here I let this shity, download it, ear it and pay me. Brucy.



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