The Flaming Sideburns – Back to the grave

Hello my fucking brothers. How are you today? I hope like shit and burning in your own pain. Yes sir, because life stinks and you`ll never going to get what you want, what you desire. Because you always want what you can`t get in any fucking way. For example, let me tell you about me and my experience: I like to write, pretty much like to do that. Because is a way to spend my time doing something useful and profitable. And it is a great sensation when you finish a tale and you feel that is good because your soul, suddenly, is full of happiness ¡Oh what a fantastic sensation! But, like everything, you need to share your texts with others human beings and find out if your ideas and your writings are good. And there is when fucking sad comes: when nobody feels like you about your work.   That’s when you think: Who the fuck do you think you are, sucker? You thing can judge my work?” And spit with all your rage in that sucker face.  There`s always some people who let you down. But maybe and just maybe, that people are right: you are a fucking looser and awful writer and you deserve to be forgetting for aver after. Have you thought about that, bro?  I have it.  I know I’m a fake.

And today I bring a band that knows about that. They are from Finland except for the frontman Eduardo Martinez; he is a fellow from Argentina. So, he mixs spanish and English. Just like Luca Prodan did here, in Argentina, whit the raw punkers band Sumo. And Martinez know about that Italian junki that became rock and roll star here. In fact The Flaming Sideburns play`s Sumo`s cover “Leave me alone”. So Martines is like Prodan there in Finland. No at the level to be a myth (for that you have to die) and that’s better because he can continue doing music. Cause is much important that you stay here making art that you die young and wasted. But, like I said before, sometimes society don`t want to recognize your talent and value and you let you down, down and down. Feeling a shit like Wirtis.

Luck for us, Martinez and The Falming Sideburns haven`t experimented this brothers. On the contrary they are a real respect it band and recognize it by music experts. So you see friend I bring you as real peace of art today. Because, and I was forgetting, this is a cover discs, that show us where The Flaming Sideburns find they inspiration. You`ll see their excellent test: The Wailers, Sumo, The Renegades and The Troogs are some of the band interpreted here. Some of the tracks are in spanish. Bamma lamma do is fantastic like 13 womans but my preferred is Black moon. Great band, great disc I let you today. All the music done for this band is great. Take a listen and confirm. Bye suckers. I see all you soon: The Flaming Sideburns:  “Back to the grave


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