The Staggers – No como tú (Simple)

Hello you sucker! How are you been? I hope well. Here in Argentina today is holiday ouhh yea brothers! What happy I am. That is why I bring you another record, a beautiful piece of garage-punk like I know you like. This time is the Fabulous Stagger. Have you listened these boys? I hope you have it.  But if you haven`t ear it there are no problem because I bring you a little piece for you. And i`m speaking about a piece cause I only have up loaded this simple. Why? Maybe are you asking and I answer you: because my only target is to write some fucking words that free my soul and my head from the madness, from the totally madness that ride my life. Every day I woke up in a middle of the nightmare and go to bed down in hole, a deep one. Yes brothers, that`s Wirtis life. I`m going to make a picture of my life and maybe (i`m just saying “maybe”) you`ll understand me. Wirtis is a very lonely boy. I spend my day between work and home. Speaking with a lot of people but not truly speaking, cause our dialogue (my dialogue) is empty and full of rancor. So, no dialogue is possible with a guy like me. I wish (you know how I wish it Lord) be a normal people, a common one. I`ll love to share time with friends drinking tea and eating donnas but I can`t because my life is a compendium of failures and, through time myself trust have been falling and falling so deep that i`ll never going to recover. That`s why the only channel for show my feelings and my fears is making this blog. Yea brother now you have the true. These are the facts so accept.

It is garage punk one of the factor to keep me on my feet. That is way I share, time to time, some disc of dirty garage punk. And The Staggers are one of the best choice for show you in what pathway my pain walk. Ok brothers here you are going to find two excellent songs. For me the best it`s “No como tú” because I can understand the lyric and appreciated there poetry. Well you fucking suckers I let you with great rock and roll, yes, in the mood you love, with strong and raw fury. Here you have: The Staggers. Enjoy!



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