Ile de France – Franc Parler (1998)

Hello my brothers from the garaje! How are you today? I hope good or really good. If doesn´t is like that: sorry brother, life sucks and all know that. But, sometimes you feel succeed right in front of you, showing which is the correct way to get glorious, fame and money but, if you are so stupid to trust in easy succeed and, without   make a clever and conscious investigation you run to it, you´ll crash in to a wall, a real tough one. Because that is the way things are in life. That`s why I bring you today this band: Ile de France, because they know how roof are things in life, they walk the streets there, in their country: Le France and watch things. Yea, this band has been walking the streets, the dark and hidden part of France. There they see misery, poorness and inequality. That drives them in a punch of sick men that decided the way to show their hate and disagree with all that kind of stuff was making music. But not any kind of music, brothers, no, because there is only one genre that let express rage, hunger and pain: punk music. Yea you suckers, I know you understand me. You feel the same way about music.

When I put garage, punk or surf music people seems to be happy about Wirti`s work. And, when I upload something different, like tango and meringue; that same people, my people; seems to be happy too. Yea, cause they are big open minders and love art and stuff like marijuana or cocaine. So, like I was telling, these guys formed a band, an oil one. They called Ile de France. Just like that, without  any doubt. And they began to make punk. Raw, dirty punk. Of course, they sing in their language: French. This is one of the nicest things (for me) because I love languages. All of them. In fact, i`m thinking about up load a Jewish band  that some friend of mine share with me. A great one that never has been sees it in web. Like White Trash or Pistola y Los Mugrientos. Well friends, i`m tired of speak so much bullshit, so I let you with this nice group from France. Ear it, enjoy it: Ile de France.


2 comentarios to “Ile de France – Franc Parler (1998)”

  1. Sigo tu sitio, posteás cosas muy ineteresantes che, un saludo.


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