Los Yetis con Jeans (2011)

Hello my friends today i bring you a great band from my place: Mendoza. Yes, because I thing you – if you aren`t from round here, of course – have to thing “Why in the hell Wirtis never introduce a garage punk band from his city, ah?” And I answer you; cause haven`t find, till now, a real garage punk band in Mendoza. Let me tell you something: Here in Mendoza we are a few garage punker and, for what I have saw and found, a punch of dirty old man. So we still have the spirit but our body, full of drugs and shit, doesn`t. Fucking true. But we have got something that other old man haven`t: fucking good taste for rock and roll. While they are listening Kenny G or shit like that we are shaking our heads, kicking our brain and keeping wild with some good marijuana and real garage punk. You know, that where aren`t quiet sounds and lyric voices. Real rock and roll it`s made with spirit, guts and raw fury. And this is what Los Yetis con Jeans does. Anyone who understand what garage punk is, are going to enjoy this band. They make surf and garage in the line of Los Muertos Vivientes. With speed and western`s guitars. Los Yetis con Jeans create an atmospheres heavy and powerfully with the classical band form of guitar, bass and drums. A real power trio is this band, believe me friends. They are underground and unknown but we have to change that, my friends, because this boys are a real good musicians, with spirit and talent. And they sound like hell!! Listen this record and believe that Mendoza is a place where rock and roll bands can grow up like, for example, Santiago de Chile or Irlanda del north is for me a dream came true. In another time I thought that I can make a garage`s band here in Mendoza. And I was close but my friends, the drummer and the guitarist can`t understand and appreciate punk music. They are much use to boring rock and roll that radios play every day at every time. So, garage music, seems to them so fucking dirty, loud and raw (and that where is the magic, bró!) that they can`t support it. A fucking disgrace because I don`t have not even a little of talent so I can`t create anything for myself and, just like a curse, I depend on other boys, especially of guitarist because he is the lead singer and the song writer. I have to admit that he have a great talent and a little of raw punk in his music, but he don`t want to hear anything new, nothing – of course – of garage punk. Well, doesn`t matter anything because now, here in Mendoza, we have Los Yetis con Jeans a real dirty, raw and punk garage band. Like have to be.

Another aspect that really like me from this band was the fact I found, in web, a punch of good, under and crazy live videos. The most great was one in Barloa! I know, I know you, my friend are from the other side of the world, you are from la europa or far, far away you won`t ever know what it`s mean Barloa for us, the niggers from Mendoza city. So let me explain you, bro, Barloa is suburban and underground fonda, something that you know like a tavern. But no anyone. Barloa has been in Mendoza for long time, since the nineties. And have won fame for their way to cook meet and food in embers. And, it this wasn`t enough Barloa is a place where people – workers, drunks, artist and families – go to eat the best lomitos around the town. Yes brothers. Mythical poetry and great mendocinian food is Barloa. The better example is this video I let you here:

And I let you this great version of Pretty woman in Los Yetis con Jean`s way. Enjoy mendocinian rock brother, embrace us cause we deserve it. Before I let you, let me tell you that I stole this great album from here. Take a look and meet mendocinian rock and roll. See you: Los Yetis con Jeans, fucker!!!

Here in Barloa:

And playing this excellent masterpiece of surfgaragepunk taht open the album:


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