Nick Waterhouse – Time`s all gone (2012)

Hello you nasty people, how are you been this last days since Wirtis let you the last disc, ah? I hope well, with many successes and a lot of sun shining above your heads. Yes, you fucking losers!! Wirtis only want the best for his friends. That’s why I come back, once more, with more rock and roll and crazies stuffs. For example, today, I come with this nice, crazy and psico musician: Nick Waterhouse. When you listen this boy, when you observe this art and, even, when you watch is videos (there few) you`ll see one front man, singing in a crew like big band of soul and rhythm and blues. Saw, what the fucking problem, Wirtis? Sure are you asking. And tell you: This boy is a young boy, born in the nineties, a sun of Cobain and Andrew Wodd. But this bastard, this crazy boy called Nick Waterhouse refuse all that and live is live and his music like a real band in the mid sixties. And is pretty good their sound and their music. This is Very good album. I don`t remember where I found it but doesn`t matter: here it is for you brothers. Ready to be download and play it at highest sound. Yes friends. This is the proposal for weekend. A great and fun disc of soul and rhythm and blues. Here you have, take it, embrace it: Nick Waterhouse.



2 comentarios to “Nick Waterhouse – Time`s all gone (2012)”

  1. Hey Bróther Wirtis……..grande este tipo,creo que coincidimos en que hoy por hoy pocos músicos hay que hagan lo que hace Nick……….un excelente R&B con mayúsculas…….con mucho estilo y un dominio inalcanzable…….Saludos………

    • Absolutamente de acuerdo Johnny, lo de Waterhouse supera, según mi criterio, el medio de lo que habitualmente se escucha por las radios. Te mando un super aabrazo amigo y bajate Los Yetis con Jeans, gran banda de mi provincia. SAludos!!


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