Juliette and The Licks – You`re speaking my language (2005)

Hello you losers ¿What the fucking is doing Wirtis here, so soon? Maybe you are asking at the same moment to see this ugly post. And I answer you. But, first, let me explain you, make a picture about my motivations: since a few days I was lonely, sad and lonely (I repeat this idea because is very important to me that you understand what I meant) and fell the world was against me, fighting, rejecting my ideas. So, this morning, when I wake up and found myself still alive I said: “What a fuck Miguel, you need to stand up and fight this ugly world, they don`t better than you, why in the hell are you going to be sad for what other people think? Ah chabón? ” So I stand up from my bed, quickly, so quickly that beautiful Emma can`t said me “good morning cutie” because I was, already, looking in my computer for something ruff, with guts, but with some beautiful and style, with a touch of glamour ¿You know what I mean, boy? I hope so.

Well, the thing is that I found, when was looking in my nineties collection; this great record: Juliette Lewis and The Licks. Don`t ask me what a fucking were doing this album, from 2005, in my nineties collection cause I don`t know.  And don`t care. Because now is going to be here, in Garagelatino, ad infinitum. Mean fucking Rapidshare aloud it. Ok, I went to hell. Excuse me brothers. Well I was speaking about that I found this great disc and decided to share with you cause gave me the strong necessary to send to hell this dirty world and they fucking habitants. But, and that’s important too, this album have the glamour necessary for do it with style. Yes! Because the vocalist is the always hot and deep throat of Juliette Lewis. Ahhh, what a lot of dirty thought give me this chic. So I want to share with you, brothers in law, this music, this album that remains to grunge music, when Nirvana were the kings and Alice in Chains the vanguard.

So here you have a record with distortion, strong and beat, but with sex and naked ladies. Maybe, the next time, I share with you Nasville Pussys an excellent garage band that have in their lines two hot chicks playing. Now I let you Juliette Lewis and The Licks. Enjoy.



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