Amigos de Kirchner – Ao vivo “Violento pero divertido” (2011)

Hello my brother ¿What in hell are doing Wirtis here, so soon? Maybe you are asking in front of your computer. And I tell you: nothing. But I want to pass by and let this beautiful album that I was listening a few days ago. I upload this one because, far away from what I was supposed to find in this band; I discovered a very good band of rock and roll, punk, new wave and many other thing. Friend`s of Kirchnner are a very good band. And they are very under too. Not many people know about them here in Argentina and, I supposed, lees out there in another country. Doesn`t matter, anyway, cause they are a good musicians and, that quality, is the only thing that real matter when we speak about music.
Well, I don`t know many of Amigos de Kirchner, even about Kirchner. I can tell you that they are from main city, they coming, since a few years ago, making their music far away from mainstream. This band is proposing an intelligent and fresh mix of new wave, punk, post punk, techno and pop.
Well friends, I don`t have many words in this night. Internal affairs are over me, they want me death. Because i`m an ultradetective here, in the old Detroit. Well I let you this very good band: Amigos de Kirchner and this excellent alive album. Enjoy suckers. In a few days I`ll be back with Alejandro Medina, Bicicletas or another surprise, so be ready to rock. And wait Wirti`s news, cause they worth it.


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