Bicicletas – Cubiertas (2011)

Hello my brothers. How do you sit on your table these days? I hope in a right way. I come again to bring you one great band that discovered when I download the last album from L.A. Guns ¿Do you know this old men? It`s a very good band from Los Angeles (obviously) who play hard rock. They do it in a classical way. They drop to fame because original former members of Gun`s and Roses used to play in the band. Well, in this boys publish last album they play one cover of Bicicleta. Yes! Cheers for them. So, when I heard that version I feel the need to investigate about them. I couldn’t find anything in web. So I ran to supermarket and buy the only album that market has. It’s not have the song that I was looking for, but have a punch of excellent cover so I decided to share with all of you, friends, because mine only wish is to show you good bands and Bicicleta is one of that, so here it is.
In this album you are going to find a punch of excellent versions of classical songs. Of course, if you are like me, you are going to love the version of the house of rising sun, in tecno pop version. But, if you are a mind open music listener you are going to enjoy a lot another version in the album. For example the great and punk version of two margaritas, from Os Paralamas or the very good interpretation of María from Café Tacuba. They made too Pájaro de fuego from Los Tres (¿Do you hear this excellent chilenian band, brother?) and the big Mr from Los Auténticos Decadentes but more punk and raw. They made too Don Pascual from El Kinto (Yes sir, this guys enjoy good music) and El esqueleto from Víctimas del Dr Carebro. And, the worst choice or maybe for show me that one song can be fantastic in some artists and awful in another, a version of Estadio Azteca from the pussy Andrés Calamaro.
Well my brothers here I let you this great band with this excellent disc. Enjoy and play it loud!! Here Bicicletas!!!

Ah!! And before i run to play Batman Arkhan City, i tell you: i find in web a great proyect. Is from people of Argentina, they have and independent publisher and they are looking for writters that want to show their work. So, if you are a writter maybe you`ll be interested. So here i let you their blog. Visit it:





2 comentarios to “Bicicletas – Cubiertas (2011)”

  1. Pura pose, destrozaron esta gran canción en nombre del “arte”, banda hiperinflada, qué pena que aparezca en este blog…

    • A mí me gusto este disco bró, qué querés que te diga. Al igual que Quemar. No he escuchado otra cosa de la banda pero los dos discos que te nombro sí. Y me gustaron mucho. Pero bueno, para algunos es arte lo que para otros no.
      Saludos y gracias por pasar!


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