Malevaje – Envido

 Hello my wirtianos brothers here i came for bring you a little of tango, a piece of my heart. Here, in Argentina tango is a way of feel, a view of life. It`s, for us, a genre that represent our roots. At the very begin of twenty century, in suburbs people began to play, mixing spanish guitars with percussions and, in the thirties, with bandoneon; reciting verses in time to music. Also took milongas from the deep of our culture. When things have been changing because city was growing up, this music born, like everything, in a moment that city, suddenly, began to be full. A lot of people came to Argentina, thinking here they could find an opportunity. But here they only found at the inequality, hunger and poorness. Here were elite in government. That’s way, when workers – almost all of them immigrants –    began to fight their rights, government kick their asses. They began to write poetry, sad poetry.

For a long time tango was the predominant genre of music. With Gardel reached an international respect. With the arrive of rock and roll, tango pass to be a under movement. Only listen for elite. Suddenly, the main style became in paria. And the new one, a rebel one, passes, by castling; at main place. I thing our point of view it`s depending on what we see about world around us. People who only see what main power wants he see, is lost, brother, I tell you. Because they can`t have an open judge about nothing. They can`t understand things out of their paradigms. All this bullshit to explain that tango became an underground movement. Only drunks, addicts and losers play it. So be tanguero here, now a days, is nonsense ¡Is punk! Yes fucker. Yes. That`s why groups like La Guardia Hereje, 34 Puñaladas and El Cuarteto Guardia Vieja are more punk than others bands.   Why? You ask, brother, because play tango in these days is to be doomed to underground. Forever.

So, you can see what are the future is you want to have a tango band here in Argentina. But play tango in another country, out of Argentina, is, directly, a suicide. Because, who the fuck is going to ear you? Anyway there are some artist that send to hell every commercial possibility and make what they want to make, forgetting everything that isn`t make art.  And that`s the case of this band: Malevaje. Yes sir. They are from Spain. What the fuck? I here you scream, and you are right: is very strange a band out of Argentina making tango but this is the case. Because Malevaje play tango with the strong of a rock and roll band, the vocalist sing like he was a dirty rocker from a punk band. And, if you thing well, they are a punk band. Because they play what they want to play: Gardel`s covers. With a lot of feeling and raw attitude. So take your time and listen this great band because they worth it. Here you have, brother, an excellent band. Listen and find a real punk band. Here you have Malevaje!!!

Here some videos:


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