Acorazado Potemkin – Mugre

Buenas tardes mis estimados bróders, today i come with a great band from my country. Their name is Acorazado Potemkin, just like classical movie from Eisenstein. I don`t know why they choose this name. And I don`t care, because, the only thing that matters to me is music (I sold my soul for rock and roll) and this guy make a real music. They are a new band. They were born in 2010, when stars lined up and Juan Pablo Fernandez (from the incommensurable Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes), Federico Ghazarossian (Bass player from Don Cornelio y La Zona, Los Visitantes y (wau!) Me Darás Mil Hijos) and Lucian “Lulo” Essaín (from Valle de Muñecas and Motorama) decided to make a new group. They made a punk one. Far away from things that they were made in his others groups. They choose Acorazado Potemkin because remit to the movie that tells the history of the ship that was scenario of a revolution of sailors that were feed with rotten meet. So the boys feel and share the same way of think that those sailors: they laugh of traditional rock and their clichés and reinvented punk music given her new dimensions of deepness and poetry. Maybe you thing Wirtis is talking rubbish but you are wrong. Acorazado Potemkin sound like a punk group in order to rage, raw and strong in their music but they change every code making beautiful poetry and playing in strange paths for this genre. Listen, for example, The Half part (la mitad) and cry with that lyric or the irreverent lyric of Puma Thurman or the reflexive liryc of Los muertos or (uff! What a lot of incredible music make this guys!) or the rage in Algo.
Anyway all disc is a beautiful and personal sample of a great band, that deserve to be listen.
Also Acorazado Potemkin is a supergroup – maybe you don`t noticed – because, like I say before, the musicians came from a enshrined groups. So if they have the recognition that they deserve all Tv`s shows, radio program and music magazines were fascinated. But – lucky for us – this guys are real artists and they don`t care about empty music or easy business selling smoke, no brothers, Acorazado Potemkin is a real band. Far away from their personal successes this boys play music with genuine feling. Obviusly – because, like everybody, they want to live of his art – they promote this band with their career. But, like I said, they don`t make anything like the groups they were before. No brothers. Acorazado Potemkin is a brand new band, with his own personality. And, for my friend and countrymen I tell you that Acorazado Potemkin will be in University Cinema this weekend (Friday 22/6), showing his album Mugre. It`s going a be a unique a great moment for those who like rock and art. Genuine art. So, brothers and sisters kick out the jam and go to see this incredible band. Cause worth it. And, for those to live in San Luis, Acorazado Potemkin will be this Thursday in Panacea bar. A great rock and roll place manage by Houdini`s lead singer. Go, brothers, go.
Well, here you have this great album, this great band: Acorazado Potemkin rules!!!

Here the band`s page:


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