VA – Their Hispanic Magestic Request

Hello my brothers, here i come again. Yes, Wirtis is back. Like a nightmare fucking yours dreams ¿Right? Well today I come with a classical for those that love cavemen melodies. Yes brothers you`re agree when I show you this album: Their Hispanic Majesties Request. A great Ep with four of the greatest Latin-Americans garage bands now a days: Los Peyotes, Luis and The Wildfires, Davila 666 & Los Vigilantes ¡clap your hands, amigos! So you miss garage rhythms???  Here you have: intoxicate your soul. But take easy, cause there, where we have meted a couple of years ago; I’ll let you a beautiful album call “Dirty punkers from sixties” Featuring twenty gems from Latin-American sixties. Well, if you want you can pass by for blogspot.

Here is another point. Here we are for speak about this album: Their Hispanic Majestic Request.  Like I was telling you here you are going to find four versions.  The Ep open with one of the best version in disc: Let`s spend the night together by Los Peyotes. They make a dirty and insolent version. For me the best track here. However,  the other tracks are very god to. Te second is She is a rainbow for Davila 666. A pretty one too.  In the b side you`ll find Get out from my cloud inspired, directly, from the excellent version from Sonia that (What a casualty!!!) I put for you in Dirty Punkers from Sixties in blogspot. Well, a great version. If haven`t listen any of this two version I recommend you listen first the Sonia`s one and, later this. The last track in the Ep is a very good version of Paint in black, called: One tone more dark. A very effective one cause is playing by Los Vigilantes (You know that wonderful band ¿No?)

Well my brothers I let you a great disc from the weekend. Here and there, so you can`t complain about Wirti`s work. Enjoy. Here you have Their Hispanic Majestic Request!!

Ah!! Before i go:  take a look here,  The Knacks have made their own page here.

And, of course, some videos for you:


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