Samael – Passage (1996)

Hello my wirtianos brothers. Here i come again. This time with Samael. I don`t know if you have listened this guys. They are a real god band of black metal. Maybe you aren`t acquainted with the genre. In any case this is an excellent album to meet black metal. Al list it was for me. I heard Samael long time ago, in 1996. At the time I was rocking with Todos Tus Muertos , Babasónicos And Los Brujos. Absolutelu far from Samael ¿No? Yes, very far. But, and that time I was  starting to smoke pops and, because of this, I was starting to join again with who now a days  is a very close friend. I remember we use to smoke and put music very high. You know my friend: i`m an open mind man. So, one day, when my friend told me: Hey Miguel take a listen to this! And play Samael at the top of volume. Wau said to myself, what a good band. So I borrowed the disc to my friend and wen home.

There I found a real good band. At the beginning it was difficult for me understand the music because I wasn`t use to voice so deep and torn. But, during the disc my ears became accustomed  and said hey bro, this band rock on!!

So for a time I was listen band of black metal and, of course, they face most sad and depressing:  doom.  Now a days I don`t use to listen this kind of music.  However,  there are a punch of band and disc that stills remains in my mp3.  Hypocrysy, Tiamat, Lacrimosa and Samael. Especially for this album: an excellent mix between black metal and tecno. I think Passage is hinge in rock and roll music. So: give it a chance, don`t be a socket head.

Here you have: Samael  “Passage”.

And some videos, of course you voltron.

Check it alive:


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