The Tiger Lillies – Low Life Lullabies (1998)]

Hello you fucking wirtianos boys! How is life with you? Good? I hope so, cause today I bring you something dirty, dark & sad. Yes, Brothers!!! Because life sucks and every day it is another step to dead.  So, knowing that I live every day like it was the last: crying and cursing god. Why you want to take Wirtis out of this world, lord? Why such a rage against human been? Is because we crucificated you? Is because we didn´t believe your word? Maybe you are right: is payback time. But, we are a lot here, in earth, so you are going to have a lot of guts to get us out from this world. You think: Why in hells find this ugly human been all their courage, all their balls? And I answer you: from musicians like The Tiger Lillies. Yes!! They look in to your eyes and spit in it.

The Tiger Lillies. What a great band. Dark cabaret, sad life, in those names – maybe- we can call this band style. They are only three guys: one drumming a plate with a drum, another playing bass – jazz bass!! – and the other, the last one, playing accordion and singing. But is not a regular singing or a gay one, no brother, this guy sing like a girl, like he was Billy Holiday or Katherine Whalen, but with rage and sadness, infinite sadness. He always dress like a clown, a pervert one. Red smile with white face in black eyes, that’s the Tiger Lillie´s lead singer. The circus’s esthetic joint with dark lyric that speak about pimps, sluts, sex & murders. So they mixture in a real ingenious way their music creating a whole world deep in darkness, long time ago, in the fifties – maybe – where three losers sing about life. Believe.

The Tiger Lillies are a real great and original band. They are artists in all the term. This record, this dirty music is dedicated to my brothers in life: Perro Verde, Oració, Pepé, Kiko and Raúl.  Cause they know about loneliness.

So, here you have, you fucking losers: The Tiger Lillies.

2 comentarios to “The Tiger Lillies – Low Life Lullabies (1998)]”

  1. EXELENTE Wirtis una banda tremenda. Realmente la voz de nuestro payasesco cantante es perturbadora. Estos tres tristes tipos arrojan un sonido desgarrador, pero bello, dolorosamente bello… ¡Saludos estimado!

    • Mi estimado amigo y poeta Perro VErde! SAbía que te iba a gustar, por eso te etiqueté. Espero que estés delirando con esta genial banda y puedas soportar mejor la ausencia del Flaco: sé que te gusta mucho. Abrazo para todos allá en tu casa.


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