Ultramandaco – Fin (2011)

Good afternoon my friends. Here i come again. This time – exactly like the older post – I bring you a mendocinian (I don`t think that “mendocinian” concept exist for the fucking yankis, but I really don`t mind cause I only reason I write this blog in English is I want you understand me, sucker) band born a long time ago, when we were dreaming that we belonged to Europe. Fortunately that time pass by, and only was a sigh. Well i`m here to present you this magnificent band from my country, so, that`s I`ll do: Ultramandaco. A legendary band from Mendoza, desert republic, unimagined home.  That`s why is so important the fact that bands like this rise in Mendoza, between mountains and loneliness. Yes amigos. We have to spread the music, support new art, new blood. Is the only way that we`ll keep our faith alive.  That`s why, since a few post, I began to share local bands. Groups outsiders, only because here, in Argentina, the only way to climb at the top is having Buenos Aire`s bless. A real shit, I know. But artists, here in Mendoza, are a little bit rebels. It`s logical: we have been brought in the middle of the nowhere. We born lost in the mountains and grow up alone, without love.
That`s great because we create our self. Well, Ultramandaco have that characteristic give us our identity. They sound is quiet noise, with a real hard rock some time and, when the climate is lysergic and flying;  they become an acid trip.  Yes brothers. Believe me. Believe in Wirtis.
Here I let you this wonderful disc. If you like R`n`R you must to listen this one. Here you have Ultramandaco, and, of course, some videos. See you, if the SOPA law don`t wind in yanki`s congress because, if they win, you can say good bye to Internet knowledge. Bye friend. Fight against imperialism.


Here you have some videos:



3 comentarios to “Ultramandaco – Fin (2011)”

  1. bajate “Fin” eldisco de los ultramandaco en http://www.ultramandaco.com.ar, GRATIS!!!

  2. Muchas Gracias hermano la verdad nos emocionaste…es mucho el laburo que le ponemos y esto nos da pila para seguir adelante.
    Gracias de parte de todo ULTRAMANDACO.

    • Por favor, ustedes son los que emocionan con su arte. Y con su trabajo, que sé que es mucho y arduo. Los felicito y sigan así, que cuando llegue la fama vamos a estar todos ahí.


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