La Guardia Hereje – Tangos y otras yerbas

Good afternoon my galvanes. Here it is Wirtis, one more time. Yes.  Today I bring you a little of Tango, yes. I have been feeling so down these last days. The end of the year is already here and, like every fucking year, I ask myself: “what have you learn these twelve months, Wirtis? And the answer, always, is the same: nothing” But, doesn`t matter, really, because I thing we are here, in life, for learn nothing at all. Just spend our time drinking with friends and fucking with girls (if you have the lucky to catch one). Of course, not everybody thinks like i`am. One of that war Alorsa, writer, vocalist and front man from this excellent band that I bring you today: La Guardia Hereje. One dark and suburban band from my country: Argentina. And they are mainly from here,  I not saying these because, suddenly get me a nationalist – minded; no friends, don`t misunderstand me, but this band make (or made, I don`t known) tango and candombe. Styles of my country and La Republica Oriental del Uruguay. Yessss suckers, something with balls, with poetry, with blood, red blood falling from our veins.

Latinoamerica, always, have been a big separated continent. Even when we share language and culture. But, since a few years, when people get the power, things started   to change. At list, that’s the way I see. Tell you why:  now we are aware about things that happens in our neighbors first than things that happen there, in the king`s valley (may I have to say the old king EEUU, but I can`t, I can`t because our leaders are being polluted by them with cancer – fuck you Obama puto – and they are gone be death soon). And that fact is very good, because is a sign that, now a days we are together, far away from grudges ¿no?

Unit is good. But, even when we are one continent under the same pain, fighting with freedom and justice (Yes brothers, we are going to use the same speech then they) against them; we have our differences. And that is great. Because we have to keep our idiosyncrasy: that`s what makes us different from each other’s ¿right? Following in this order of speech, is that I say that the different are kept, like a tradition; in cultural expressions like La Guardia Hereje.

This band, really is very good. They made their music in the old style: only with guitars and percussion. Above that Alorsa`s poetry.  For explain this last affirmation, let me tell you that La Guardia Hereje Had between their crew one of the most talents men for poetry writing in music: Alorsa. A great poet only comparable with Juan Pablo Fernandez (Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes, Acorazado Potemkim). He died a few months ago, at the age of thirty eight. A real lost. But, thanks god, they recorded some stuff: this record, the first one and thirteen songs for devil, the second one. I let you here one poem of Alorsa and some videos:

Tristeza fiera, tristeza de domingo
de salas de hospitales con camas en silencio
De cementerios con el pasto crecido,
con flores olvidadas ya secas en el piso

Y con la noche que llega desde el río
se moja el alma con una lluvia vieja
Tristeza dulce de estadios ya vacíos,
de platos en la bacha, tristeza de domingo.
Tristeza amarga de mates que se lavan,
de minas que no llaman, de tierra en los bolsillos
De manos sucias mangueando una moneda,
de sonrisas gastadas, de patios a la siesta

Y con la noche que llega desde el río
se moja el alma con una lluvia vieja
Tristeza ciega de muñeca sin ojos,
de sueños derrotados, tristeza de domingo.

Ok, brothers I nave to leave now, but I let you this videos, and, of course, the link for download the record, enjoy and happy New Year: La Guardia Hereje.

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