Didi Wray y Los Tango Boys – Ep (2011)

Hello my friends, today i come with something new, fresh but savage, raw and dirty too… yessss! Today I present you this wonderfull band and this excellent guitarist: Didi Wray Y Los Tango Boys! Wau, what a magnificent surprise is find stuff like this, and, better than that is when the band or musicians send you their art because they think you make a good work and they want to publish their material in your place.. and that`s what Didi made, she send me her wanderfull Ep and told me: Miguel.. you can do it, so, do it!! Yes, she is right, so I`m doing it.

Ok, first, i`m going to tell you about this beautiful girl called Didi Wray: she was born one dark night, long time ago. Nobody can tell, for sure, what is real or what is a myth in Didi`s Wray story. But, doesn`t matter that fact, cause, in the end, the only thing that is real is that we are walking to dead and time goes by so quickly, so fast, that, if you spend your life angry, worried or just, watching fucking Tv, one day you`re realize that dead is knocking at your door and you didn`t do anything valuable with your time.

Well I went to fucking shit, excuse me friends, but, I tell you something: generally give me a lot of laziness put me to make this reviews, but, when I began to write I can`t stop. And tell a lot of stupidities that no one wants to know. Well, let’s talk about Didi. I was telling you that she have a dark origins. The only facts that we know is that she is fruit of a torrid love. Just one night of love were enough to bring this great and dam child to earth. Yes friends, because, when you hear Didi playing the guitar you are going to understand me and you are going to say: Wau!!! WheDidi Wrayre in the hell was born this dam child, Miguel!?  I’m not going to lose my time speaking about a subject that you will forget in the first tones.  And, that fact is logical cause make a perfect combination between tango and surf, but, don’t misunderstand me, she don`t fall in the stupid common place that consist in interpret music in the same time, with the same spirit only changing (or worst: only putting) the distortion. No brothers, Didi Wray and The Tango Boys are transiting another path. Yes, you fucker. Cause they make a mix between surf and tango but they use the main melody (I mean: you (if you are from here, from Argentine, country of inequalities and injustices) you`ll recognized Caminito, for example) but the bass, the drum and the keyboard are playing at the speed own surf and Didi made her guitar speak tangos at the rage of the surf. Real great stuff this girl and her musicians, I tell you brothers, it`s an excellent band and an excellent musician Didi Wray y Los Tango Boys.

Well, I noting that I didn`t speak about Didi`s last name: Wray, but, I thought it was stupid explain something so clear like that: she play the guitar like the great dark god of fuzz and rage: Link Wray. So, she makes more than honor using that name. Believe in Wirti`s words.

Here you have, you fucking losers, this wanderfull stuff. Enjoy and, if you have the luck to live in the main city, go to see this great band and their great guitarist. Ok, here you have the record: Didi Wray y Los Tango Boys!!!!!

2 comentarios to “Didi Wray y Los Tango Boys – Ep (2011)”

  1. Qué cagada che, el link está muerto, llegué tarde… saludos, muy interesante el blog.

    • Hey Hector! Este disco lo podés encontrar fácilmente en la red. De hecho está para la libre descarga. Gugleá la banda y lo vas a encontrar. El de Bicicleta te lo contessto allá.


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