Tonolec (2005)

Hello my friends. Today I come with something mine, something from my country, from my veins and blood. Yes brothers, cause today I present you, my good listener and friends; the Duo Tonolec.

This finest band was made, long time ago, about three or four years, when sun was higher than today and Wirtis was happier than tomorrow. But, well, you know time goes by and you can`t do nothing for stop it. So, what a fuck: life stinks, that`s way you must enjoy and, relax, cause the one only way, is the way to hell. And, sooner or after, you`ll be there, been eaten by hungry worms. Au yes, I know, you hate talk about that subjects, cause you feel horror when uncle Wirtis tell you stories about walking dead. I don`t know another way to talk with people, except, telling stories, dreaming lie that justify me in this world, that make me believe Im useful for something.

Tonolec are from el Chaco. When I was a child, we went, with my family to el Chaco, here in Argentina. It`s in the north. Very far away from my land: Mendoza. But, my old man always told me: Miguel, nothing better to do, in life that travel and drink chicha. Yes, that`s my dad think. So, he decided take the family to el Chaco. We made the adventure by land, in my dad`s car: el fitito, legendary car that still is here (in fact, while I write this words I can see it outside, parked by the street) taking Wirtis to work and bring him again. Every day. Ok, don`t want to waste your time brothers, so, I was lying about the time I went to el Chaco. We traveled for three days, with their nights; finally we arrived in the third morning. The sun was scorching; it was hot like hell, down there, in el Chaco. Still remember that, while we where get in town, air was disappearing. In one moment, we saw a climb, a high one. The fitito, has a lot of trouble for climb up that high, but Wirtis family never give up, so, when motor began to made horrible noise and a black smoke was spited out by the fitito, we stopped and continue the rest of the way pushing the car. When, at last, we found our self up we saw that the rest of the way was falling down. Suddenly I thought: Why we don`t pushes the car and, whiles it falling down, we get in to it? Wau, what an excellent idea, sun, told my old man while he looks at my mom.  And, at the same time we were saying, we made it. So we get in the car, four of us (cause we used to be four in those days) and began our decline to the center of the town. We were fast and extremely speed, and, in the end of the road, we almost crash with two statues that were in the gates of the city. Luckily, my father could stop el fitito in the last minute. We felt relived and calm only after to smoke a joint.

Ok, I wonder you maybe are thinking: What is the fucking relation between your travel to El Chaco and Tonolec, Wirtis??? Well, like I told you Tonolec are from El chaco and it was in this trip when I meet this incredible band. Let me tell you, Wirtis family hate make tourism in traditional way. So, when we travel, we walk the street, we watch the city, we speak with people; because we ask, we love to learn about the real city, not what government want to show. And, when we traveled to El chaco, we did exactly that. And we learned about Tobas Indians and we found that they are excellent musicians, we listened and we said: wau!! What an incredible sound!!!! That`s why we began to found more about their music and, like it was a treasure, the Tobas (yes they) showed us Tonolec, and told us: “this band are rescuing our sound, revaluing our roots, but ¡¡carefully!! They aren`t just using our music to show their “concern” about Tobas, no Miguel – told my the warlock from the tribe – you are wrong if you thing that, cause they are real artist, they don`t want to earn money making demagogy, no, they love our music. That`s why they invited us to record with they”. Incredible was for my (and my family too, because they love good music) find a band that’s mix masterfully toba`s music with trip hop music. Yes, yes, it`s like you read: Trip hop with Indian music: just brilliant. I can`t say another sentences.

Well my friend, I’ll be back soon because today a great guy and better musician send me their band: Los Dukes and – only in case you didn`t know – Electrisixties has published their new album: an excellent compendium of beat and psychedelic and I want to publish all this material. As if this were not enough I have another great album from Tonolec. So, brothers, be cools and wait for Wirtis because I’m always coming back. Here you have: Tonolec. Enjoy!!!!

And, of course, some videos:

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  1. I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!

    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve you guys to our blogroll.


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