The Sonics – 8 (2011)

Hello my brothers, here I come again, once more time. Today I offered to you one of the best, a legendary, a classical R`n`R band: The Sonics. Yes, yes, claps your hands, kiss your old ladies or do whatever you wanted to do. Everything is acceptable in this occasion. Because I don`t bring you some classical stuff of The Sonics, no brothers, you couldn`t be more wrong, no, I bring you a new album that the band recorded this year. Of course: it isn`t the first time that one blog share this album with people. No, friends. Like – I think you may do – you I downloaded this beautiful record from the great blog “We are the dead”. Thanks for share so many music amigos, we always will gone be grateful.   Ok, I recognize: you probably know every little detail of Sonics’ history, so, I don`t going to give you such a boring time talking about then. No. I think is better speaking about the reasons to make up my mind for peak up this album and put it here (Right fucking here).

And I tell you. I tire, bored people who think that they are the middle of the world. They suppose you have to be open to their wishes and their whims. People like that give me rage, furious and hate, the full my soul with hate. I know, isn`t good thing to feel hate, rage and bad feelings. But, what can I do, if I’m bound to spend some time with shit like I tell you before? And, the worst, it`s that the time I have to share with this selfish sucker is a time that used to be a good moment for me. But now, since this silly arrive, everything turn complicated, everything is fight and disagree. And that is a shit, friends, that’s make me feel sad and annoyed. So, what music can I share with my friends that represent that feeling I have? I asked myself. And the answer was obviously: The Sonics. Because, even when time has been past, faster than anyone wants, the band is still rocking. And what a way to rock!! Yes! Like in the old days when they were just a bunch of kids playing their guitars with the only help of his spirit.   Cause, they don`t have all the technology and things that, back in our days, make everything easier.

The Sonics

The Sonics back in this days

Anyway, The Sonics, are still on the road, and they are playing as hard, as raw and heavy like in the past. I think that’s an excellent example of artist and persons. And, now, while I’m writing this words – that keep me away from madness – I’m thinking that, maybe, just maybe; that sucker who are going to see in a few minutes, is a real sucker but, after all; he will finish alone, eaten by his selfish ego (I hope so) or, if he has balls, real balls; he will fight again his fears and become a better person. I`m a little infidel about this, but, well: I cannot do more; I have to share my time with he. I only want to make music, to have a good time with my friends, I don`t want any more:  why is such a difficult to get? I really don`t know. Maybe we have to kick that mother fucker out of our band, but my friends, the another musicians, don`t feel like me. Or they don`t said it. Well friends, I have to go now, I let you here this wonderful record and some excellent videos of The Sonics in this days. Take look a learn how to rock. Here you have: The Sonics.

2 comentarios to “The Sonics – 8 (2011)”

  1. Hello brother…..jajajajaja y ahora escribes en ingles……me matas……jajajajajaPedazo de disco que has subido,geniales estos SONICS……..mi banda favorita de todos los tiempos.GENIALES,seria quedarme corto,en fin,que quieres que diga…..ENORMES……………..y que directo para la trayectoria que llevan estos tios.Saludos y que la deidad SAICA proteja a todos los amantes de la buena musica.Johnny.

    • Grande Johny!!!!
      Perdón por la tardanza en la respuesta, pero me paso bien poco por acá. Menos que por blogger. Bueno, sí, me ha dado por escribir en inglés últimaente, pero bueno, me parece genial para practicar un poco el idioma.
      Respecto a The Sonics, como vos decís: qué más agregar a semejante trayectoria, tan coherente, de tanta calidad y potencia ¿no?
      Bueno hermano te mando un abrazo!


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