Satellite Party – Ultra paydloaded (2007)

Good night my friends, brothers and Pals from music!! Here is Wirtis again, bringing to you more, much and lot of dirty shit like you want. In this occasion I present to you Satellite Party. Yes, yes, I’m fucking blowing my mind with this one. But, I like to be honest, I didn`t found this album few days ago, as usual. No, I have Satellite Party since many years ago, when was publish, in 2007, but, for estranger things I haven`t want to put it in the web until now. You know, Wirtis is a selfish man, he put only what he want to show. Hidden, in that way, all the other stuff you may love to listen.

So, you are going to hear what Wirtis want you ear. Well, there you have the facts. Now, let speak about what we bring us here: Satellite Party.  Let’s talk about them.  They were formed in 2005. The original members – and now you are going to send straight to hell my words and will want this record – were, in lead vocals – clap your hands, make a reverence or whatever you want to do for celebrate – Perry Farrel, lead singer from Jane`s Addiction; Nuno Bettencourt, guitar hero from the good band called Extreme – did you hear this boys, sure you know “More than words” – in guitar, Tony Canal, from No Doubt, in bass; Steve Ferlazzo of Dramagods in keyboards and, surprise, Farrel`s wife: Etty Lau Farrel in backing vocals. They have a drummer too, but I don`t remember his name. But is a very good boy and play excellent.  Ok, there you have information about the band members. Now, let`s talk about their way to make music. They play pop. Ok, I know: you hate pop, you clean your dirty ass with pop. But, don`t be such a locked mind. No. Because Satellite Party make pop like it`s have to be.

I`m going to make a pause here because I want to you know I understand you. I hate pop too. Hear shits like Madonna, Miranda or Silvia Suller is sad. Very sad. But here you won`t find shit like that. Because Perry Farrel and Nuno Bettencourt come from Rock and Roll, punk and grunge. So, they like heavy music. So, you can`t thing they are going to record such a shit like I told you before.  No friend. Here you`ll find powerful rock and roll, played like demons by a punch of crazy old man who don`t want to forget what`s to be a rock and roll star is. Trust in my, I know what I’m speaking about.   Maybe, you are thinking: “hey Wirtis, decide yourself man, you tell us, before, that they made pop, and now you are saying that they make R`n`R. What a fuck are you trying to do in our brains?”  Just let me finish my reflection and, after that, judge me. It`s true: they made pop, principally, but they don`t do only pop. If you don`t believe me hear “Insanity rains” or they diffusion’s single: “Wish upon a dog star” or “Ultra paid loaded”. There you going to satisfied your soul. For me, instead, if I want dirty R`n`R I hear some garage. Latin garage. In this album I prefer the strong and beautiful bass harmony show it in “The Solutionists” or the slap raw and savage in “Hard life easy”. And, of course, if you are a sixty’s lover here you will find a treasure: “Woman in the window” is sing for – clap your hands again, kiss your old lady, give a big hug to your neighbor – Jim Morrison. Yes, yes!!! My either can`t believe it. That`s why I spend all my afternoon searching about this record. And it`s true: the last song is singed for Jim Morrison. The band took a tapes made for Jim and his guys and put music. The result is finest.

In the same subject, but speaking of another aspect of the record, I tell you that this is the only record of the band, just like Mike Patton did with the great Peeping Toms; they only record this master piece of pop and Rock and roll. Very recommended friend, even if you don`t use to listen stuff different from garage music.  Don`t be a sucker, open your mind, let the love in and Wirtis whit it. Ok? Anyway, I’ll continue putting different stuff here that was why I open this blog. Well brothers, I have to go now, but I let you Satellite Party. Enjoy!!! Don`t be a killjoy.

Here you have some videos.

Here with Ton Morello (as you can see, Farrel have good partners)


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