The Monsters – I see dead people

Hello my brothers, here i come again, to bring you, this time, a great and unique – like always do Wirtis, friends – colled The Monsters. Maybe you have known them. Because they are real famous in Europe, especially his lead singer the anticommercial, the counter and always restless Reverent Beat Man. Yes, yes, I know: you are filing a lot of love for Wirtis, you are thinking: Wau, man, how nice it would give you a hug!!! Don`t worry, here, from my desk, in front of the Pc I receipt your love, and send you more than this: cause i`m going to publish, there, in blogger; another record. Yaes, yes, seems like joy will never stop this bloody Sunday. I not speak about U2 or shit like that. Don`t misunderstood me, please. But the true is that this has been a horrific and extremely sad weekend for Wirtis. This Friday, my cat, la Michi, who has been walking in shadows and sins with Wirtis since he had eighteen years old; died.  It was logically, she had sixteen years old. But, even in that fact, it`s sad, very sad, cause I feel like now I’m more lonely. First was my mom, later my dog and now la Michi. Maybe you are thinking: “Wirtis, what a piece of shit are you, putting in the same level your mom with a dog and, terrible, with a cat!!! You deserve burn forever, live eternally pain and die in cancer.” It`s true. But I don`t believe people who thing animals are a thing, just that. No. Either belive to that people who say “ohhh, such a beautiful dog, it`s a san for me..!!” No, that`s sick. Very sick. So, my point is: I have been feeling a terrible sadness for my cat`s die. Not only because I like very much her company and she was around here every day since I had eighteen – like I

Reverent Beat Man

Reverent Beat Man

said – but because Michi was the last link with my dog, and he, was the link with my mom. So, a have been feeling that a whole era f

inish with Michi`s died. And it`s very sad understand live is that: a trip where some lower before us and others, after. Sure you

have seen someone die, and, if you don`t, you will see. That’s the rules in this life, but just one rule, no The Rule. Right?

Ok brothers, I went to hell, you known: I love runaway in words. Here, because I want out the sadness – or better: I don’t care for anything anymore – I bring you The Monster and one of these records: “I can see dead people”. They sound so dirty, savage and raw that you will love them since first listening. For me, the highest point in The Monsters is his vocalist: Reverend Beat Man. His voice is drunk, wild and dirty.  And, if this wasn`t a lot, Reverend Beat Man is always making new projects, new bands and a lot of noise. Honestly, I haven`t heard everything of Reverend Beat Man, even have heard everything of The Monsters. But this records was the very first that I have and was responsible to close me to The Monsters. So here I let you, if you already know this band, you know is excellent. And, if you didn`t know then this is a great record for do it. Take it, embrace him: The Monsters!!!!



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