Los Vigilantes – Mi mami dijo

Hello my friends!! Yes, here is Wirtis again, the young boy from Mendoza`s desert. What a lovely place is my home, I tell you. But I’m not here to make chip propaganda. No, no way man. I`m here cause my very best friend Roberto Powel (i hope

In jail: hard life.

In jail: hard life.

you can understand that the thing i do was only in your god), when were us eating some yummy & fatty steak in Chino`s place. I have already telling about this wonderful restaurant, check a look in Portishead entrance ¿Right? Ok, I was speaking about my friend Roberto Pawel and that unforgettable night.

We consume a lot and, in the end were drunks. More that you can imagine. Especially the owner, el Chino. The thing is that he have some date – he always have date when friends arrive to his place and begin to eat and drink, but, I have to be fair: he always share with us – and was hurry. But Roberto and I just took another beer after one and another after that and we were continue all night long if el Chino hasn`t bring his THC and told us: ¿want some smoke , guys? Of course, we said. Cause he have a very, very good joints. How can we say no? Impossible. So, we start to smoke and, like always we begin to speak about politically. I have already tell you that I’m a K man, I mean: like very much our government. But, for Roberto Pawel and el Chino our government is shit. Ok, say, any explication couldn`t stop their stupid arguments. So, I just shut my mouth. They began to speak about something else, another subject. Music, I proposed. But they said me: Oh, come on Miguel, you like that trash music that no one can understand, is shit man, and you know that, but, obviously, you don`t want to understand. What a fuck, said only for m, you are going to pay this dirty words my friends, said to myself. And, for the rest of

Los Vigilantes

Los Vigilantes

the night were with they, drinking Chino`s vodka and smoking his firecrackers with Roberto. But couldn`t forget his words about my music. So I made a plan, a revenge plan. So continue with they all night acting like a god friend. And today, when a wake up, I went to police and denounce his maría and speak about Roberto with the police, I told them that he is a bad guy. And, like was already in the mood, i denounce all my friends, yes, they deserve it for hate my music. I know, you are going to understandingme friends. Cause we are from the same pain. And, before go, tell you:  what a wonderful time i have spend looking police arresting they. I let you a pic of my friends in jail.

So, i`m glad now, and want to let you one apropiated record for the occasion, and choose this beautiful single: Los Vigilantes!!!! Yes, yes, cause Wirtis is a Vigilante, man. So here you have friends, and remember: never laugh at Miguel and his music. I hope Roberto and El Chino and the rest of the gang  learn that, at hard way I know, but is for they god. Well. Bye bye my darling, bye, bye. I let you with Los Vigilantes and his great Monje´s Cover. See you soon.

4 comentarios to “Los Vigilantes – Mi mami dijo”

  1. Roberto Pawell Says:

    Amigo. hay cosas que no me quedaron del todo claro, despues nos tomamos algo y me lo explicas en español (idioma hermoso sin igual). Ahorita mismo estoy bajando los vigilantes y despues te cuento que ondita…..

    Acordate que debes un asado…..nunca lo olvides my friend

    • Oh mi amigo Roberto, sumo placer me trae ver que mis palabras te acercaron a este humilde lugar del rock & el garage. Respecto a lo que escrubí, considero infinitamente mejor que no lo hayas entendido del todo: tal vez no te guste…! Y del asado, podríamos ver si da este miércoles. Mi chica, tal vez, salga con amigas. Entonces nos podríamos juntar a comer alga. Confirmá qué te parece.
      Te mando un abrazo y gracias por pasar (que de todos sos el único que lo hace)

      • German Says:

        …ahora…me pregunto ¿que necesidad de publicar al mundo el asadito de Pawell con Wirts ??
        En fin y justamente el fin es lo que cuenta, pero a quien carajo le importa!! jaja
        Voy a tener que demandar a este wirts por el contenido grafico que publica, algo tengo que hacer para demostrar mi gran envidia del gran exito de sus blogs… pa goder! que mas…
        PD. Que bueno ASPERA

      • Hola mi buen!!! Muchas gracias por pasar y dejar un comentario: eternamente agradecido. Ahora, sólo por eso, tal vez no abandone The Wincas. Veremos el sábado!!
        Un abrazo!!


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