Los Peyotes – Cavernícola

Wild & Raw garage from Argentina & Perú!!!!

Wild & Raw garage from Argentina & Perú!!!!

Good night  mis amigos!! to night i bring for you the best, the incomparable: Los Peyotes!! Yes, claps your hands, i`m doing too. Because this guys know how to kick ass. They are from Perú and Argentina. Two beautifuls country with the most nices girls in the world (maybe you can check how hot are argentinian girls if you pass for Emma`s blogs: Emma Lunge) Ok, i`m not here to talk about girls. Excuseme. But i like very much latinian girls. Well, here i go again. I was talking about Los Peyotes. Well, they sound like ten Metallicas and more, because they are wild, dirty and raw. So, if you aren´t listen to them, this is your change to fix that terrible mistake in your life. Maybe you die tomorrow and, what if you arrive to heaven and find out that there don`t play any garage, Ah?? What are you going to do??? Cry, cry for all the eternity. Thats all that you`ll do if you don`t enjoy your life. So enjoy, enjoy and listen Los Peyotes. Ok, i`n going now, because i`m tired. Bye bye my friends, i`ll see you in the next post. Hasta la vista chamaco!!

Ah!! Acá están, for you and your  pet: Los Peyotes!!!!


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