Los Locos del Ritmo – Rock (1960)

Real dirty latin garage!

Real dirty latin garage!

The Locos del Ritmo o Pepe and his crazy of rythm if you want. They were the first mexican R`n`Rll band, they were wild man, just listen Peter Gunn or baby i don`t care and you`ll see. But, if you still have any kind of doubt, go to daddy and put In not a motherfucker rebel and blow his head with nasty latin garage! Ok, lets talk serously: at the end of the fifties they won a contest and the prize was a recorder. Ovbiously The locos didn`t waste their time, they made this fabulous album. Here you are going to find a beautiful songs like Your Eyes (wau, haw sad & melancholic could they are!), the blu mood with Blues tempo or great instrumental songs like Morelia, A litle glass of water or The cockroach. Well mis chamacos, enjoy this one ´cause its rules! For you: Los Locos del Ritmo!!

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